Alex Salmond Accuses David Cameron Of Lying Over Queen's 'Purring' After Scottish Referendum Result

Cameron Lied About Queen's Referendum 'Purring,' Salmond Storms

David Cameron lied when he said the Queen "purred" at the result of the Scottish referendum result, Alex Salmond claimed on Wednesday.

Sky News caught Cameron telling former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the Queen’s delight at the ‘No’ vote in 2014.

"The definition of relief is being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and ringing the Queen and saying 'It's alright, it's okay'. That was something,” Cameron said. "She purred down the line."

Alex Salmond takes part in his first live weekly phone-in on the radio station LBC in London

The PM was subsequently forced to apologise for the remark.

However Salmond told LBC radio on Wednesday that the Queen had told him it was not true. "Her Majesty the Queen assured me that wasn’t the case," Salmond said. “Who do I believe, Her Majesty the Queen, Queen of Scots, or a Tory prime minister?"

"I believe Her Majesty the Queen," he added. Salmond also said he did not think "for a minute" that the Queen had deliberately intervened in the Scottish referendum.

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