Meningitis Symptoms: Doctor Explains How To Spot The Rash And Symptoms You May Not Know About

The Signs Of Meningitis In Kids You May Not Know About

It's important for parents to be aware of the signs of meningitis in children aside from the commonly-known rash.

Meningitis has hit the headlines after a mother, whose two-year-old daughter died of the illlness on Valentine's Day 2016, launched a petition to give the meningitis B vaccine to all children, not just babies.

This has caused parents of children who have not been vaccinated to be much more alert about the symptoms surrounding the disease.

The "glass test" is just one of the ways to see if your child may have meningitis

Dr. Umang Patel from Babylon Health talks through the symptoms parents should look out for in the video above.

"If you're worried about your child, it's really important to get medical advice quickly," explained Dr Patel.

Meningitis symptoms parents should look out for:

1. A child with a high temperature but with cold hands and feet.

2. A child who is vomiting and very agitated.

3. A child who is excessively drowsy, and adverse to light or complaining of a stiff neck.

4. A child refusing to feed.

5. A child with a tense, bulging soft spot on their head.

6. A child with an unusual high-pitched or moaning cry.

7. A child having convulsions or seizures.

"Sometimes children can have a rash," he explained. "A way of distinguishing a meningitis type rash from a normal viral rash is to do the glass test (as shown in the video above)."

However, Dr. Patel reminded parents that the rash can be a late sign of meningitis, so just because your child doesn't have one, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned.

If you are worried about symptoms your child is exhibiting, seek medical advice immediately.

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Meningitis Symptoms