A 250Ft Statue Of Margaret Thatcher Could Be Erected At Kent University To Encourage 'Sensible Behaviour'


A group of Tory students at the University of Kent is hoping to erect a 250ft statue of Margaret Thatcher opposite a nightclub to encourage "sensible behaviour".

A petition launched by the Kent University Conservative Association (KUCA) says the iron statue would live opposite the university nightclub to "encourage good and sensible behaviour under the gaze of the 250 foot Colossus".

The 'Iron Lady' would no doubt approve of the plans

"The statue would be placed on a 50 foot (15-metre) high white marble pedestal," the petition reads. "Appropriately the statue would be constructed almost entirely of Iron at a 46:1 scale. At this scale the Iron Lady's handbag would be approximately 30 foot tall. The plan is to construct the handbag of a highly polished Bronze.

"Strategically placed this would allow the sun to reflect off the handbag at certain times during the day. The statue would then serve the purpose of being a literal "shining testament to liberty". While the ingenious polished Bronze handbag would also allow the statue to dazzle the eyes of those lefties."

A previous attempt to erect a smaller statue of the former prime minister was voted down by students.

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