PMQs Today 24 February Without All The Shouting: 'Your Mum' Jokes And Sartorial Advice

It's time for another Prime Minister's Questions! No doubt it'll be another half hour of political point scoring and schoolboy-esque jeering, so here's a round up of everything that happened with all the annoying bits taken out.

Jeremy Corbyn had a musical entrance, but no word on royalties being paid to The Who:

And the Labour leader focused on junior doctors, but the PM just dodged everything:

And eventually it seemed like neither side could get their stats right:

But Corbyn's dress sense was the main focus on Twitter:

And, thanks to a slightly self-deprecating jibe from Cameron, it was the focus of the House too:

But the soundbite was obviously an attempt to dodge the real issue of three more junior doctors strikes:

And after that, there wasn't much of night other than the usual.

And even the Tory rebels had been whipped into line for PMQs:

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