Donald Trump Savaged By 10-Year-Old Girl For His Xenophobia And 'Gross' Hair

Voters should take a look at Donald Trump's unreal "gross" hair before deciding whether to elect him as president, a ten-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter has warned.

Interviewed by The Huffington Post's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani at Clinton's South Carolina headquarters, the girl, Lexi, slammed Trump for not having "any experience at all".

"He sits there and thinks, 'Oh I'm Mr. Donald Trump, I know everything,' which is sort of like my brother," she said.

"He's just rich, a lot of people just vote for him because they think they'll get some money, too. But that's not it. You think you're going to get the money, but that's not the case."

Lexi also was deeply unimpressed with Trump's views on Muslims - who he has said should be banned from the United States. "It's ridiculous because I mean, look at these people, your best friend you may not know is Muslim or Jewish," she said.

"And Bernie Sanders, he's Jewish. You don't see anybody talking about that. He's just building an environment for the kids, their parents are voting for Donald Trump, but little do they know that their kids will grow up not having a good education and not having good jobs."

There was one more thing that really upset Lexi when asked to imagine Trump in the White House. "If you don't vote, then Mr. Donald Trump will be president," she pleaded with viewers. "I don't think that's his real hair, being president. His hair, look at it! Look at it! It's gross. I can't believe that's his real hair."

Lexi is not the only person to target Trump's appearance. In an attempt to halt Trump cruising to the Republican nomination, Senator Marco Rubio mocked the billionaire businessman for having "the worst spray tan in America".

"Donald Trump likes to sue people,” Rubio told a campaign rally on Saturday. "He should sue whoever did that to his face."

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