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'When will you understand that I am not paying for that f*cken wall?'
This is not the first time Fox has criticised the billionaire. He has labelled him a “false prophet” and “ugly American”, as
He said the story was not “that jobs that weren’t going to be lost still aren’t going to be lost” but that the President
Donald Trump told an outright lie - taking credit for saving a car manufacturing plant that was not under threat - and it
He shared a link to his paper’s story pointing out Trump was lying but noted that, by the time for the media published stories
But Ford later clarified it had told Trump the production of one model - the Lincoln MKC SUV - was no longer due to move
Alarm is spreading at the news Donald Trump has chosen Senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, the country’s chief
Trump was 'on great form and very excited about the challenges ahead'.
For one person, Trump’s decision to speak to Morgan for 15 minutes was Trump’s “most troubling sign of poor judgment yet