Virtual Reality Is A Bargain When You See How Much Blu-ray, VHS Cost At Launch

Virtual Reality Is A Bargain When You See How Much These Gadgets Cost

The HTC Vive is without doubt, one of the best virtual reality experiences we've ever tried.

HTC's Vive virtual reality headset allows the user to actually walk around.

Soon it'll be available to the public for the eye-watering price of £689.

What's important though is that HTC's virtual reality headset isn't the only one. There's Samsung's Gear VR, a £80 headset that when paired with a Samsung smartphone becomes a portable virtual reality headset. Price for the Gear VR and a compatible Samsung phone? Around £700-800.

Unsurprisingly these high costs have not gone down so well with the general public. As technology becomes smaller, cheaper and more advanced the assumption is that a groundbreaking new product should cost less?

So are gadgets like virtual reality really that expensive?

Well we looked at some of the recent technology launches including Blu-ray, VHS and Plasma and worked out how much they would have cost (with inflation adjusted) if they launched today.

Apple II (1977) - <strong>£3,654</strong><br><br>

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