Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns To Earth After Year-Long Mission On ISS

Astronaut Scott Kelly has come to the end of his #YearInSpace mission and is set to return to earth.

Having spent a mammoth 340 days on board the International Space Station he is the first American astronaut to have lived in space for this amount of time, the normal duration tends to be approx. six months.

NASA are conducting an experiment on Scott Kelly and his twin brother Mark Kelly who is a retired astronaut on how weightlessness affects the human body in hopes the research will help NASA's endeavours to Mars.

"I think we'll learn a lot about longer-duration spaceflight and how that will take us to Mars someday," Kelly said in his final news conference from orbit.

"So I'd like to think that this is another of many steppingstones to us landing on Mars sometime in our future."

During his time on the ISS the astronaut has undertaken some extraordinary tasks including growing the first flower in space, playing ping pong with water and not forgetting the hundreds of incredible images he has tweeted giving us a glimpse of his life in space.

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