BBC Question Time Audience Member Asks Panel: 'I Take It You Watch The Internet?'

Watch As A Question Time Audience Member Asks The Most Bizarre Thing Ever

An audience member on BBC Question Time got his chance to shine on Thursday night - and completely messed it up.

During a debate in EU and immigration a gruff-voiced gentlemen was allowed to chip in with his opinion.

He said (you can watch the clip above): "I take it the panel watches the internet?

"If you watch the internet you will find that half of the stuff you see on the media on the telly is edited.

"Half of them immigrants, they don't want the water, they don't want the food, they want money and they want to try to get to Britain."

His comments caused general bemusement and disbelief.

This week's episode came from Liverpool and featured Conservative Justice Minister Dominic Raab, Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Ukip MEP Louise Bours, Guardian columnist Zoe Williams and former England footballer Jermaine Jenas.

Jenas stumbled at the beginning of the show trying to explain the complex process of negotiating with the EU with a football analogy about Wayne Rooney and contracts.

Fortunately for Jenas, he finished in far stronger fashion by backing a 50p tax rate - one that would apply to himself.

But more on that other chap...

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