Can You Spot The A-List Star In This '90s Throwback Picture?

Hidden in the photo below is a Hollywood A-lister that it might take you just a minute to recognise.

The snap is a publicity photo from the short-lived American series ‘Against The Grain’, and while admittedly not all of its cast members have gone on to huge success, one member of the TV family is doing pretty well for himself.

Yep, that’s Ben Affleck, sporting some serious '90s hair, on the left hand side there.

The photo was shared on Instagram by Ben’s former TV co-star Robyn Lively - that’s Blake’s older sister - who was obviously feeling a little nostalgic on Thursday.

She wrote: “Before Ben Affleck was Batman he was just my darling brother in a series called ‘Against The Grain’.”

‘Against The Grain’ ran for just eight episodes back in 1993, centring around the Clemons family, played by John Terry (no, not that one), Vanessa Lee Evigan and Donna Bullock.

Since then, obviously, Ben’s career has sky-rocketed, starring in hits like ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Dogma’ and ‘Gone Girl’ (though the less said about ‘Gigli’ the better, eh?).

He even won Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2013 for the political thriller ‘Argo’, which he directed and starred in.

Ben is currently gearing up for the release of ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, which sees him taking over the role of the Dark Knight from Christian Bale, going opposite Henry Cavill.

Several other greats from the superhero universe will also be putting in an appearance in the film, including Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

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