Easter 2016 UK Opening Hours For Asda, Tesco, Homebase, B&Q And Sainsbury's

Easter comes early in 2016 and shoppers will need to negotiate the sticky web of Bank Holiday opening hours.

Good Friday is on 25 March, Easter Sunday on 27 March and Easter Monday on the 28th.

Because running out of wine/cake/drill bits and being faced with a landscape of shuttered shops is a decidedly bleak prospect indeed.

Easter opening times to cater for all your shopping needs

Here are the Easter Bank Holiday opening hours to cover at least some of those essentials.

The majority of Tesco Express stores will be open as normal throughout the Easter weekend.

Almost all the bigger stores will be open as normal on Good Friday, closed on Sunday and will have restricted hours on Bank Holiday Monday.

Tesco customers will be able to check the opening hours for their local stores from the weekend at the store's online locator guide.

Most Local stores are open as usual over Easter, including Sunday. Use the online finder for store specific information.

Easter opening hours vary from store to store, with some outlets remaining 24 hours, but customers can check their local branch online at

ALDI stores will be closed on Easter Sunday. Customers can check their local branches here.

Store specific, with the website to provide detailed information on some Sunday closures.

Good Friday - Majority of core branches will open between 8am and 8pm. Convenience stores between 7am and 10pm

Saturday -All branches will trade their normal hours

Easter Sunday: No core and convenience branches will trade

Easter Monday - Majority of core branches will open between 9am and 6pm, with some variations of 8am - 8pm and 10am - 4pm. The majority of convenience branches will trade as usual.

For store specific information, visit the website.

Lidl stores will be closed on Easter Sunday and open as usual on other dates over the bank holiday period. Customers can check their local branch here.

Good Friday - All stores open at usual times, all stores close at 8pm

Easter Saturday - All stores open as usual

Easter Sunday - All stores in England, Wales and Northern Ireland closed. All stores in Scotland and Isle of Man open as usual

Easter Monday - All stores open at 7am, all stores close at 8pm

Further store specific information can be found here.

Good Friday - 6.30am - 9pm

Easter Saturday: 6.30am - 9pm

Easter Sunday: Closed, with Scottish stores opening from 10am - 4pm

Easter Monday: 6.30am - 9pm

Customers can use the chain's online store finder, although outlets will generally be open from 10am - 4pm on Easter Sunday and 8am - 8pm on Easter Monday.

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