good friday

"I'm not bothering anyone – but they are still after me," the former president told the congregation, asking them to pray that God "soften people's hearts".
Avoiding meat on Good Friday is one of the oldest Easter traditions.
We all know a saint who needs a little push in the right direction. 😂 😂
Robert Wyndham, 43, of London, said: "We had booked our ticket weeks ago. But they seemed to be surprised at how many people
The company also provided another train to Penzance later on Good Friday, admitting the service had been busier than usual
The Passion narratives in the Gospels are very familiar at this time of year, read in church and featuring in the Passion
Easter is a time for celebrating rebirth and new beginnings. But what if we could do more than celebrate for one day? What if we could each make one simple change that would help revitalise our planet? All we would have to do is leave fish off our plates.
Could the message of Easter be that even from the worst loss in history, God can create a different kind of miraculous goodness, that transcends our childish need for simple victory? Isn't that the beauty of Christianity generally?
Justin Butcher's Devil's Passion is a welcome antidote to the dull and done to death, a light sandblasting for jaded souls. It's also a timely piece, casting Jesus in the role of extremist preacher, whose dangerous ideas have the potential to cause untold instability in the Middle East and here at home
In 2016 Easter occurs in the final weekend of March. Good Friday will be on 25 March, Easter Sunday on 27 March and Easter