‘The Chase' Stars Shaun Wallace And Bradley Walsh Descending Into Fits Of Giggles Will Have You Doing The Same (VIDEO)

We’ve all been there.

That moment when you get a fit of uncontrollable giggles that simply refuse to disappear.


And when that happens to one of the usually poker-faced Chasers on ITV’s ‘The Chase’, it makes the whole situation even funnier.

That’s exactly what happened to Shaun ‘The Barrister’ Wallace during the filming of a recent episode of the ITV quiz show.

When Shaun struggled to speak a simple sentence at the start of one the games it wasn’t long before host Bradley Walsh was giggling like a naughty schoolboy, which then had Shaun doing the same.

In fact the only person not laughing was contestant Shereen, who managed to stay composed and oh-so-professional throughout the whole thing.

We’re not sure what her secret is but if you can get through the hilarious clip without getting a fit of the giggles yourself then we suggest you might be taking life a little too seriously.


Click the video above to watch (and laugh).

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