Aimee Davison Paints Donald Trump With Her Boobs

This Artist Has Painted A Portrait Of Donald Trump Using Only Her Boobs

The 2016 Republican presidential race has given rise to a new artform, largely centred around highlighting the ridiculousness of walking Wotsit Donald Trump.

First there was a portrait of him painted with period blood. Then the Trump mosaic made out of dick pics. And even a very, very graphic pastel drawing of his naked body.

Now one artist is pushing the boat out once more, by painting pictures of Donald Trump - but she's thrown out the paintbrushes in favour of using her own breasts.

Artist and YouTuber Aimee Davidson decided to put skin to canvas, creating a portrait of the iconic real estate magnate-cum-polticians using her right boob.

The painting is being auctioned off here, and 50% of the proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity of Donald Trump's choosing.


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