Shard Jump: Watch Daredevil Leap From London's Tallest Building In Stunt Captured By Bystanders

Incredible moment a base jumper parachutes down from the top o...

Incredible moment a base jumper parachutes down from the top of The SHARD in front of stunned Londoners

Posted by Al Lobnaniya / Ezzeddine Skaff on Saturday, March 12, 2016

A daredevil leapt off the Shard in London on Saturday stunning bystanders, who saw him successfully land before "sprinting off".

Wine merchants Philglas & Swiggot captured a picture of the stunt which showed a man attached to a green parachute jumping off the city's tallest building.

The jumper landed in St Thomas Street, not far from Borough Market, police said.

Witness Brian Smith told The Sun: "I haven't seen anything like that before, I have no idea what he was thinking.

"He was moving quite fast and kind of swinging or swaying from side to side.

"He landed in the road here and sprinted off and that was it, everyone around just looked around and laughed.

"They couldn't believe it."

Traffic signal engineer David Hilton told the paper: "I just looked up and saw him circling, he was kind of moving from side to side in the air as if to keep his parachute under control.

"I saw the whole thing and was totally dumbstruck.

"He landed in the road, picked-up his parachute, and then ran off."

A police spokesperson said officers attended the scene after being called at 10.18am to reports of a man parachuting from the Shard.

There were no reported injuries and no arrests have been made, the spokesperson said.

The Shard has recently become a popular conquest for daredevils – including magician Dynamo, who performed a levitating stunt from the top of the 1,017ft landmark - the 87th tallest building in the world.