Theresa May To Stay As UK Prime Minister After Deal With Democratic Unionist Party

DUP refuse deal with Labour as Corbyn an ‘IRA cheerleader’

Theresa May is set to stay on as Prime Minister under a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to keep the Tories in power, sources have confirmed to HuffPost UK.

The Ulster party, whose crucial 10 MPs May needs to secure a Commons majority, said that Jeremy Corbyn's record as an "IRA cheerleader" prevented any deal with Labour.

After the shattering loss of seats to Labour in the general election, May was set to head to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen's permission to form a minority government to cling onto the keys to No.10 Downing Street.

Her 318 Tory MPs, combined with the ten DUP MPs, would allow a wafer-thin majority of just eight Parliamentary seats.