10 Downing Street

The privileges committee is grilling the former prime minister over claims he misled MPs.
The outgoing prime minister told of his "pain" as he took a swipe at the Tory MPs who have removed him from office.
The government claimed there was no "overriding legitimate interest or necessity in disclosure".
“I don’t need to get into the positions we’ve taken, it’s simply just a statement of fact,” the prime minister's spokesman said.
Government messaging was thrown into chaos after ministers gave different advice on how to behave this Christmas.
When details of politicians' spending goes public, it gets messy.
The news follows spending cuts to several public sector areas.
Vicky Foxcroft challenges Boris Johnson to imagine how people with hearing difficulties feel during No.10 press conferences.
End of an era as PM set to hold first media briefing in new White House-style facility nearby.
Labour council chiefs say Downing Street officials threatened to withhold cash from areas that refused toughest Covid curbs.