Makhosi Khoza Might Be Charged By The KZN ANC

"Why should I die silently?"

African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament Makhosi Khoza has released another Facebook post about threats against her.

In the post published on Thursday, Khoza said African National Congress's provincial executive council in KwaZulu-Natal might charge her for "extreme ill-discipline".

"It has come to my attention that the my KZN PEC wants to charge me. I have been trying to rest but now it is not the time for me to retreat. I have been singled out as a troublemaker by those that would have me go quiet. I have been accused of extreme ill-discipline for standing for what I believe," she said.

But Khoza said no matter what, she would not go quietly.

"Yet, why should I die silently? Why should my body be added to those who have died innocently and keep quiet about it? Many of my comrades died while remaining silent, many of my comrades will die silently still, [especially as December approaches] yet those who accuse me have done nothing about it. They have let our dead comrades down, now they come for those of us who are alive. They can't kill us all. Let them label me but I for one have made my mind up, I will not go quietly into the night."

Khoza said the treatment of women in the party versus how men were treated was questionable.

"Women appear to have a different justice system in the ANC as so many ANC leaders have spoken publicly against the President. Well, am I being disciplined for occupying my legitimate seat in an equal society?"

There were some within the party who supported her efforts, she said. But others were serious about her disobedience.

"Whilst many of my comrades support me some have come after me, accused me of sedition as they have chosen to side with those that would hurt me, our movement and indeed murder of our nation," she said.

But Khoza reiterated she would not be intimidated.

"I made a conscious decision when these death threats began that if indeed death was to be my reward then I was not going to die silently," she said in the post.

Khoza told HuffPost SA in early July that while she feared for her life after a series of death threats against her for speaking out about her opinion on President Jacob Zuma, she was compelled to tell the truth.

Khoza come under fire from members of the ANC for being at the forefront of criticism levelled against President Jacob Zuma.

She has publicly denounced corruption and what she terms the "politics of patronage" in the ranks of the ANC and has been outspoken in favour of a secret ballot in the vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma, has recently been targeted by aggressors who have threatened her life and the life of her family. There have been calls within the ANC for disciplinary action to be taken against her.

People within the party have intimidated Khoza on numerous occasions. The ANC Youth League has called for her removal as an MP and in May Khoza said she feared for her life because of threats made by the Young Lions.

In the post, Khoza made mention of the ongoing violence in the province.

"Our comrades have dropped like flies in Richmond, Umzimkhulu and other areas - the deaths amount to over 80 in total; yet before even one person has been brought to justice for the merciless killing of our comrades, it is me that they would want to exact their sinister justice on," she said.

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