How To Make Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decorations

How To Make Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decorations
Anna Ranson

These easy-to-make homemade tree decorations are a favourite part of our craft preparations for Christmas and for that reason we make them every year, enjoying the process as much as the end product.

They are so simple that even a toddler can muck in and help. They are perfect for adding the personal, homemade touch this season.

Follow the instructions below... and good luck!

You will need:

1 cup plain flour

1 cup salt

(up to) 1 cup of water

What to do:

1. Mix together the dry ingredients then pour in the water, bit by bit until it mixes together to form a dough like consistency. If it's too sticky add some more flour. It should be workable and just dry enough that none should come off on your fingers.

2. Roll out the dough on a floured surface and choose some cookie cutters to cut some shapes from it.

cutting salt dough into shapes

3. Stars, Christmas trees, robins, hearts, bells and angels all look perfect hanging on the tree.

4. Stick a straw near the top of each shape so that a ribbon can later be threaded through the hole.

5. Lay the shapes on a baking sheet and cook at 100 degrees C for 2-3 hours, turning half way through if the shapes are thick.

6. When dry, they can be painted and decorated using ordinary paints or metallic acrylics, which look stunning! Use a little PVA glue when the paint has dried to add glitter, sequins, beads and other embellishments. Thread with raffia or thin ribbon and hang!

Homemade decorations for almost no money, made by the whole family. Perfect!

If you want to watch our video on how to make these decorations with kids, click here.

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