23/04/2018 05:07 BST | Updated 23/04/2018 05:07 BST

Why You'll No Longer Find Vegetarian Sausages Or Cauliflower Steak In France

French MPs have banned manufacturers from labelling veggie products as meat substitutes.

You'll no longer find a block of vegan "cheese" or a vegetarian "sausages" in France, because ministers have banned the use of animal-derived descriptions for veggie and vegan products.

On Thursday MPs voted to ban terms including "bacon", "steak", "sausage" and "cheese" where the product has not come from an animal, on the grounds they can be "misleading" to consumers.

Instead, vegan and veggie manufacturers will have to get creative with their product naming, or risk a whopping €300,000 (approx R4.5-million) fine for breaking the law - ouch.

It comes after Marks and Spencer caused controversy here in the UK for selling 'cauliflower steak' - that's a slice of grilled cauliflower with some herbs wrapped in plastic - to consumers for £2 earlier this year.

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