29/05/2017 11:47 BST | Updated 29/05/2017 11:47 BST

Where's Our Manifesto? Are Politicians Representing Young People?


A few days ago I got an itch. I was watching the General Election coverage on TV and something didn't sit right with me.

The coverage just didn't resonate with me. I was hearing all of these words, all this spin, all this rhetoric from politicians across the country - but none of it meant anything to me.

I kept hearing 'Brexit,' 'a good deal for Britain,' 'protecting our borders' and 'economic prosperity.'

It doesn't take a genius to know that every politician is going to sell the best version of themselves, this is a General Election campaign. I asked myself the question - what are these politicians doing to represent me? Do they know what my general thinks?

I have come to conclusion that no, they really don't. My local MP sent me a two-sided flyer last week asking me to vote for them. I have read said leaflet umpteen times and still can't find a reason to vote.

Theresa May is, to me, a credible leader with strength of character. Right now I feel that she is a safe pair of hands - but hand on heart, I can't tell you how she represents me. She just feels like a safe option. Jeremy Corbyn says some interesting things, but I'm not sure how capable of a leader he is. I'm struggling to pinpoint policy which will positively affect my life. In fact, I haven't had one consultation or conversation with a politician or even seen any open invitations to debate or discuss anything with any.

Where is our manifesto? I'm asking the question because I want to see the next generation fairly represented not just by their votes but by having their voices listened to - that's also a step above having their voices heard. Hearing is one thing, listening is another.

Will our political parties reach out and show the country that they're not just going to fix the here and now, they are going to make the next generation like me proud to be British and confident about our futures?

I want a sustainable career, I want 21st Century skills, I want access to opportunity and I want to make this country a better place. Will my Government support me to do that?