26/11/2014 05:46 GMT | Updated 25/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Government 'Naive' to Think That Smaller Portions Will Tackle Obesity

Everybody agrees that Obesity has reached epidemic proportions but to think that any Government backed national initiative of encouraging manufacturers to create smaller portions is going to shave an ounce of anyone's waste line is wishful thinking.

We need to take lead with countries like Denmark who have been trailing an obesity pilot scheme for children claiming that have cracked the code. They say Obesity is an illness that is very hard for children to fight on their own.

They create the environment and tools with which the children and their families can overcome this. After understanding a child's behaviour patterns and eating habits, specific testing is carried out. They set new targets and goals that can be achieved by the child. A tailor-made eating programme is designed with varied strategies to fight obesity and support families. If our government were to give the type of social support that Denmark gives their citizens then society would become more responsible for them selves but for others to.

Obesity is much more than just physical activity and eating healthy, it's about mindset. Obesity doesn't just affect someone's weight but affects self-confidence and motivation. Understanding how people feel and educating them about healthy behaviours that lead to long-term healthy habits. A scheme should be piloted initially targeting a specific group of people such as the one in Denmark and if successful a UK campaign that is targeted in age groups as each group will require a different approach that caters for everyone's needs.


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Adam Strong runs corporate wellbeing programmes designed to combat adult obesity turning them into role models as healthy business people.

The NHS already have a shortfall of an estimated £2 billion pounds and if government are going to continue to use a scatter gun approach then that figure will be set to increase. Their solution to reformulate fast food and tell society to eat smaller portion sizes is ludicrous and ignorant; the problem lies with the government themselves. Look at the 'change for life programme' another failed initiative by the government to educate society on creating healthier lifestyles.

What's the Real Cause to This Obesity Epidemic?

Society has evolved, our lifestyles and way we live our life has changed significantly over the past 250 years. People used to have work labor-intensive jobs such as farming, manufacturing and mining. Physical activity wasn't a problem it was a way of life as it became integrated into their everyday duties. Over the past 30 years since Britain entered the information age, technology, computer and machines have now replaced these labor-intensive jobs as an increase demand and efficiency was needed. But this has come at a cost to people's health.

The government needs to start listening to society, act as role models and run healthcare initiatives that communicate the right messages. There needs to be more support on encouraging all generations to exercise more.

So the big question, do you think the government needs to stop scaremongering? And do you think that they need to take responsibility for the health of our society to support the next generation?

An obesity campaign can work as long as it is structured and communicated in a way that actually helps society reduce obesity.