08/05/2015 10:51 BST | Updated 08/05/2016 06:59 BST

Don't Blame Scotland, Be Inspired by Scotland

It's been a historic night, and at times I couldn't even believe what I was witnessing. Thank God for strong coffee and the strong resolve of the Scottish electorate.

The outright arrogance of London Labour has come back to bite them today. Equally, the Union's shoe-horning the wrong brother into the leader's role has failed nationally.

Labour elected a transparent figure as party leader in Scotland - a man so preposterous, that he imagined he could march Labour back to political relevance north of the border rather than shepherding them into arguably the greatest election massacre in British political history.

The delusion is astounding. The hierarchy haven't realised that Mr Murphy was the problem and was never the answer to Labour's woes in Scotland.

Nicola did her job by defeating 10 of the Coalition's 12 MPs in Scotland. Shame Labour proved so weak in England and Wales. Scotland played their part and stood up to be counted.

Labour needs to start listening to the people again. Instead, Scottish Labour managed to find someone with even less personality than Ed Miliband, which is really saying something. The fact he has announced he is staying as leader in Scotland should be interesting and even more disastrous - self-serving even in defeat. Scotland has changed forever in the aftermath of last year's referendum, and Labour couldn't see the trees for the dead wood!

Had the Labour party retained all of its 41 seats in Scotland we would still be looking at a Tory government. It is Labour's fault the Tories have got back in.

A message has been sent to Westminster - not a drip, but by a tidal wave.

FPTP magnifies that win dramatically but the SNP support PR. The parties that didn't have now paid the price and have been put to the sword.

So where do we stand now?

There has never been representation of Scotland like this in Westminster. The PM, if he is serious about saving the Union, now has to concede to Scotland. Does Mr Cameron even have a mandate? Scotland now has to be approached with courtesy and integrity, and unlike the tone of the campaign, bridges have to be repaired.

The powers offered after the referendum must be examined, then replaced by something more substantial and ambitious. Constructive discussions now have to be implemented. A federal model might be the only way to keep the Union together now.

Lab/Con/Lib have been reckless with the Union they say they hold dear.

What's left of Labour in Scotland are now squeaking that the SNP has stolen their identity, passing off Labour's policies and history as its own - proof that they still don't get it! No wonder they have just received a gubbing all over Scotland!

Scotland has spoken.

Cameron's majority is now as thin as the gable end of a pound note, and this will be exploited, as the SNP will never vote with the Conservatives. Rebels on his own benches, or any snap by elections could have devastating consequences. The Balance of Tory/ Anti Tory in the house is now very slight, as I can't see the Lib Dems now siding with Cameron. And UKIP defections if he fudges on an EU referendum could still be a possibility.

As the newly elected Member of Parliament for Gordon stated after election, "It is an extraordinary statement of intent from the people of Scotland. The Scottish Lion has roared this morning across the country."

If Labour had stood for anti austerity, the removal vans would been arriving at Number10 right now...