13/11/2011 18:41 GMT | Updated 13/01/2012 05:12 GMT

News of the World Phone Hacking Saga: If the Police Want To Get Serious, Bring it on!

My thoughts remain with my good friend Daniel Treacy of the band TV Personalities, who is still in a critical condition in hospital. The family are keeping everyone updated as best they can. Patricia, his sister, posted the following update to his Facebook wall recently:

"There has been no change in Daniel's condition as he is still on a ventilator and not responding to anything. We must keep on praying that he opens his eyes and comes back to us all. I am with him everyday and have told him of all the love and prayers you have all sent him, just incase he can hear me. We have been told it is a waiting game with no guarantees to the outcome. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING, LOVE TO YOU ALL XX."

Personally, I am hoping that as six weeks have passed, no news is good news, as the saying goes, and he will start to come round. We all love you Dan, so please, come back.

On Thursday the Metropolitan Police got back in touch regarding the News of the World hacking saga. The next stage for me is travelling to see them at the end of the week. So far, all the evidence I know about is the phone numbers found in the notebook of some 'journalist', that I subsequently recognised as being mine, along with a postcode, which I also recognised as mine!

One of the numbers was my old answerphone number, so let's see where this goes - I can see it getting interesting...

If the police are actually serious about sorting all of this News of the World shit out, then bring it on! But why would the News of the World have that much information on me?

It will be an interesting appointment in Putney at the end of the week that's for sure, not just for me, but for my lawyer too, who is as ever, ready for action. To be continued...

I wrote a few weeks back about the corporate development trying to invade Hay-on-Wye. Well this scenario is also heating up!

Nobody locally who I have met or chatted to seems to want a new supermarket, and there is definitely full community support going on against it.

When did it suddenly become normal for supermarket chains to build schools and care homes, as they're promising here, instead of paying tax money? I thought that's why we all pay tax? Or do we just fight wars with tax money?

To me, it just looks like the corporate retail chains come in and put the local shops out of business - end of. No jobs are gained as so many are lost when the local shops close.

For the people here, the Co-op works great for all 2000 of us. So if all the people who are standing together on this and saying we don't want it, you then have to ask the question, who does want this to happen in Hay-on-Wye, and indeed, why?

I did a five hour round trip to Leicester on Monday to play some music at Alex Lowe (who is a close friend) and Simon Wellford's Creations exhibition.

It was an amazing night with the guys from Ride and Hurricane #5 all showing up from Oxford to give support.

My role is to create the soundtrack for the exhibition, but on this particular evening, that consisted of putting the new Noel Gallagher album on repeat, so I could hangout with old friends.

That's not a bad thing though - I love that album. Alex is working on the next five paintings for our art collective, The Aquarian Conspiracy. After this batch he only has another 13 paintings to complete, then we will have the magic 23 paintings needed for completion.

When we do get there, all will be sold online. All I can say about The Aquarian Conspiracy, is that it crosses Alex's interest in occult art and my interest in the study of chaos majick.

You may have caught my piece on the Jo Whiley Show on Friday night. The best bit for me was when Roger Taylor, who was in the studio, agreed when I said it would have been a great ending to the band Queen if Brian May had fallen off Buckingham Palace's roof.

It's true! Can you think of a better way for Queen to end? He should have jumped!

Anyway, as they came to Wales to record, I was head-to-toe in the Barbour kit, and was subsequently described as "Alan McGee - the country gent", which was different, as people usually describe me as "Alan McGee - cunt."

Some thoughts:

Good is the passive that obeys reason. Evil is the active springing from energy.

Nothing is true. Judge ideas by there relative usefulness and not against some imaginary finality.

Nothing is true. Nothing exhibits being, but everything exhibits doing. Only the sluggishness of perception and thought creates the illusion of 'being'.

Nothing is true. Life, the universe and everything takes an extravagant journey from nothing to nothing. Let us therefore applaud the nothing and relish its extravagance.

"With love and knowledge drove out innocence and the key of joy is disobedience" (Aleister Crowley, Hymn to Lucifer)

Devils and Rebels they are just words - it's the same thing.

Please watch this film, it's the best thing on the internet and if you love The Beatles it will entice you.