05/10/2014 16:23 BST | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 GMT

SNP Membership Now at 100,000 Members!

Sometimes people need a metaphorical kick in the arse to fully dedicate themselves to a cause; in this case, the failure of the referendum for Scotland's independence would have been pretty much all they needed.

Who says we don't respect the decision? We just don't believe that the British government will fulfill their end of the bargain, we just want to see a party that'll actually push for the powers promised and that actually represents Scotland (as opposed to the Tories and Red Tories).

The SNP membership is up by 75,000 since the vote and already people across Scotland are planning for how we can obtain independence as quickly as possible. When 71% of teenagers vote yes, it is only a matter of time... and how. If anyone seriously believes this matter is finished, it isn't far from it. The yes camp are more energised than ever and will make this happen with the help of the Tories down south who seem hell bent on helping us. The SNP are now the third biggest political party in the UK, and membership is still increasing at an encouraging rate.

With Labour supporters burning their cards and the SNP's membership rising exponentially, i think it is time that the press evaluated their response. The backlash from this could be immense in Scotland and would not be unjustified. In fact it appears that indyref has strengthened the SNP rather than weakened it. Labour are seen as traitors because they stood shoulder to shoulder with the Conservatives and the right wing press has ben vilified.

I heartily applaud Salmond for banning the 'hunting down' of ancient poll tax debts. The poll tax was one of the most badly designed and grossly unfair taxes ever to have been foisted on modern Scotland. Families on low income sway their local taxation double, treble, quadruple and so on - virtually overnight. Crucially the poll tax or community charge tax bore no relationship on people's ability to pay. It was a Thatcherite tactic to cut taxes for the wealthy and further impoverish the poor. Many people simply could not afford to pay the tax, this was not helped by heavy charges being levied by councils for late payment. Some people refused to pay the tax on principle. The whole thing was an absolute unjust regressive farce.

Eck may be standing down in November, but I am enjoying the fact that he's going out with a bang, and I'm sure he shall return to lead an increased SNP contingent to Westminster. And continue to be a fly in the ointment for the Unionist parties, whilst fighting Scotland's corner.

Alex Salmond is showing he's closer to the people of Scotland than any of his parliamentary opposition who should totally support him in drawing a line on a social experiment started in Scotland unsuccessfully and then in incredible folly, introduced into England where the good people killed it stone dead.

And Nicola Sturgeon in tacking IDS and Cameron this week over Universal Credit is indeed encouraging stuff, this bodes well for Sturgeon's tenure as FM. She's no afraid of those Thatcherites' in Westminster!

In fact in a new poll conducted by Panelbase, Salmond and Sturgeon, were the only two leaders of the political parties to score a positive rating - by far the most successful and longest lasting partnership in Scottish politics. A positive rating after seven years - remarkable.

They did the impossible - transformed a small party into one with a majority in the Scottish oarliament.

Just shows there is another world outside where the sun shines and positive things happen.