04/05/2015 17:58 BST | Updated 04/05/2016 06:12 BST

Vote SNP to Ensure Scotland's Voice Is Finally Heard

What a difference eight  months make.  They wanted us so badly to stay, but  what  they didn't say was stay and shut up. This will be  the most decisive and important general election of our lifetime, and the scaremongering and vehemence has  been cranked into overdrive. The old strategy of  demonising  the opposition doesn't work any more.  The  behaviour  of the Westminster elite as they steamrolled through Scotland on their "Better Together"  tour bus was an absolute shocker - threatening, lying, bullying,  sneering - but if the current opinion polls are a true reflection, then Scotland is cheesed off with  being  taken  for mugs. 

The list below includes every Scottish Labour MP who voted to reduce the benefit caps and continue austerity, juxtaposed with the amount they claimed in expenses during this parliamentary term. If you are undecided take a good look at those figures - they are all for austerity, but not for themselves. The SNP want to put an end to these swingeing cuts that are harming the most vulnerable in our society. This lot  should have spent the last five years voting against the Tories - not with them! Jim Murphy is also included in this list, though he didn't bother turning up. Obviously playing football was more  important to this "man of the people".

A quarter of Scotland's Labour MPs, including Jim Murphy, didn't even bother turning up to vote against the bedroom tax in 2013, in a motion raised by their own party.

Murphy and Gordon Brown should venture into Easterhouse, Castlemilk, Drumchapel or Pollok, and explain to the impoverished why giving £300billion in oil and gas revenue to London has improved their lives.

Labour have fought their campaigns on negativity and stage-managed closed-doors events for media and activists only. Meanwhile, the SNP have been engaging with the people of Scotland. Murphy as leader has done nothing except show that Johann Lamont's complaint of being run like "a branch office of a party based in London" was entirely justified.

Don't make the mistake of past elections and send down the usual Labour 'feeble fifty'. It's time for a change, Scotland.

Scottish Labour MPs voting with the UK Government on further cuts:

Figures via

Douglas Alexander (Paisley & Renfrewshire North) -  £266,079

Willie Bain (Glasgow North East) - £342,724

Gordon Banks (Ochil & South Perthshire) -  £372,536

Anne Begg  (Aberdeen South) - £363,032

Russell Brown  (Dumfries & Galloway) -  £335,960

Michael Connarty    (Linlithgow & East Falkirk) - £339,611

Iain Davidson         ( Glasgow South West) - £296,901

Thomas Docherty    (Dunfermline & West Fife) - £390,919

Brian Donohoe        (Central Ayshire) - £349,207

Frank Doran            (Aberdeen North) - £362,875

Gemma Doyle        ( West Dunbartonshire) - £238,688

Tom Greatrex          (Rutherglen & Hamilton West) - £385,399

David Hamilton        (Midlothian) - £292,444

Tom Harris                  (Glasgow South) -£352,865

Jimmy Hood             (Lanark & Hamilton East) - £259,614

Cathy Jamieson      ( Kilmarnock & Loudoun) - £337,571

Iain MacKenzie       (Inverclyde) - £289,449

Michael McCann     (East Kilbride, Stathaven & Lesmahagow) - £367,255

Gregg McClymont       (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch) - £303,767

Anne McGuire         (Stirling) -£344,035

Graham Morrice       (Livingston) - £309,497

Iain Murray              (Edinburgh South) - £360,778

Pamela Nash              (Airdrie & Shotts) - £340,786

Fiona O'Donnell      (East Lothian) - £337,786

John Robertson         ( Glasgow North West) - £272,705

Frank Roy                  (Motherwell & Wishaw) - £328,769

Anas Sarwar          (Glasgow Central) - £369,85

Total - £9,271,890

Three notable abstainees:

Gordon Brown (Kirkaldy & Cowdenbeath) - £253,365

Alistair Darling (Edinburgh South West) - £285,341

Jim Murphy (East Renfrewshire) - £440,677

Total - £979,383

Grand total - £10,251,273

The end is nigh for Labour and it's all their own fault, through failure to engage, failure to listen and a basic failure to understand the human condition. That's what happens when you pursue power and wealth for selfish gain.

Labour introduced the Bedroom Tax in the UK, and the Tories expanded it with devastating consequences. The SNP have paid this unjust levy for those who can ill afford it. You can vote for a Labour Party stuck in the past, or for a future with SNP.

Even though these are the final days before the General Election, only one party has focused on fictitious referendums.  This is not a vote for another independence referendum - only one party is coughing on about this, and that is Scottish Labour. Not so much of a roar but a death-bed rattle.

No seat won by the SNP from Labour can help Cameron in any way.  But will help Scotland.

If the SNP  hold  the balance on 8 May between a progressive alliance government and letting the Tories back in, and Labour turn their backs, then Scotland and the UK will NEVER forgive them.

The most significant  soundbite  of the election campaign was delivered by Nicola Sturgeon to  Ed  Miliband  at the last debate:  "We have a chance to kick David Cameron out of Downing Street, don't turn your back on it."  

Many in Scotland will resent the attitude from Westminster that their vote is not as legitimate as voting for one of the 'main three'.

Labour's new argument that the SNP bluff has been called is a fallacy. Ed blusters he will not work with the SNP, and accuses them of threatening to bring a Labour minority Government down. Doesn't work. He's just kissed Scottish seats goodbye, by indicating they are no more than collateral damage. Keir Hardie and John Maclean would be turning in their graves. Blue is showing through the red facade. Don't switch your vote - this is what they want. Miliband is the one who is bluffing -probably at the behest of Murphy, currently in charge of Labour's Scottish branch office. He will find a formula to renege on this if the numbers fall as the pollsters predict.

Usually in a general election, the SNP and Scotland would be ignored by the London-centric media. Not this time - the polls have seen to that. Now we need to make it a reality on 7 May, so that Scotland is not ignored again.

Labour has abused and used Scotland as their own fiefdom since 1945. It's payback time, and their fervour to exclude the voice of Scotland from the democratic process will backfire on them all. Miliband will get down on his knees when he can't have the keys to No 10 unless he does a deal with Nicola.

Every time Miliband attacks the SNP he undermines the idea that he is part of Labour's radical tradition. Meanwhile Murphy is sending a letter to pensioners scaring them over their pensions again. And Labour canvassers are also telling disabled people that they will lose their DLA if the SNP win, low and underhand.

Let's ensure that Scotland is never again taken for granted or marginalised at Westminster.

Vote SNP on 7 May to ensure that Scotland's voice is finally heard. We can deliver real change.