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Jim Murphy has taken out a full page advert offering an apology to British Jews.
Local party declines to back her
A young left-winger who hoped to replace Ken Livingstone on Labour’s ruling body has failed to win the required backing of
If we were all to believe that Jeremy Corbyn really is guilty of the charge which has been repeatedly levelled at him since becoming leader of the Labour Party - namely that he is unelectable - then we might as well admit defeat right now, disband the Labour Party and leave the Tories to it for the rest of eternity.
Scottish Labour's Kezia Dugdale has been elected to lead the party out of despair after its near wipeout in the general election
Jim Murphy has warned the SNP will force another Scottish independence referendum when they "can get away with it", thinks
The general election campaign in Scotland was blighted by “post-truth” politics, former Labour leader in Scotland Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy has resigned as Scottish Labour leader. The ousted former East Renfrewshire MP announced his intention to step
It has been said that Scottish politics is a generational thing. After the 1950s Tory domination in Scotland gave way to the Labour party. Now, it seems, it is the nationalist's time. The consequences of this on the wider UK and it constitutional settlement will play out over time.
Jim Murphy has announced his intention to resign as Scottish Labour leader next month - and declared war on union boss Len