Ten of the Best Apps for Easter Revision

The apps reviewed are excellent additional revision resources and learning aids and a lot of them are totally free. I would recommend that both students and their parents get to grips with what's out there to help with revision planning, note-taking, data storage, grammar aids and exam count downs.

With the end of year exams looming for Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level students around the UK, Tutor House has come up with 10 of the best Apps available to aid students with revision over the Easter holidays.

The apps reviewed are excellent additional revision resources and learning aids and a lot of them are totally free. I would recommend that both students and their parents get to grips with what's out there to help with revision planning, note-taking, data storage, grammar aids and exam count downs.

1.Revision App - App Giant Ltd, iPhone/iPad

Perhaps the most appropriately named App, the 'Revision App' supports students with revison on the move with over 1 million revision notes, flash cards and quizes covering everything from GCSE, A-Level and University subjects. The app allows students to create their own flash revision cards with video, text or audio which can be saved for future revision sessions and sent to friends to support group studies.

The app accommodates different types of learner to help the student learn faster, whether they're a visual learner or they process information acoustically.

Price: Basic app is free. Add 69p for revision notes, flash cards and information on each subject.

2.Top 20 Exam Revision Tips - iDrops Lab, iPhone/iPad.

This is the essential app for all students taking the end of year exams in summer 2013. It's an app that gives students the essential guidelines on how to make the most of exam revision over the Easter holidays.

Top 20 Exam Revision Tips is essential for students that struggle with getting their heads down and motivating themselves to sit down and revise at home.

Price: Absolutely free.

3.Remember the Milk - Remember the Milk, iPhone/iPad.

Not only does this app have a great name, it's one of the best organisational apps out there. The app has an attractive and easy to use user interface, and lets the student organise and prioritise lists, revision sessions, reminders and tasks the way they want.

Another great feature is the ability to view, change and bookmark tasks from mobile to the web to apps including Outlook, iCal, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter

Price: Absolutely free.

4.iMindMap - ThinkBuzan, iPhone/iPad

One for visual thinkers and learners, iMindMap is a brilliant mind mapping application that turns an iPad or iPhone into a personal brainstorming and thought-structuring device.

The app is great for dyslexic students, who often find visual learning a helpful revision tactic. It's a unique workspace for brainstorming; revising, note taking and planning that will automatically cross-platform sync across iPhones and iPads.

Price: Absolutely free.

5.Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation - Mobile Systems, all Android phones.

Every English student will love this one; the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation App has 250 grammar themed questions, along with a lot of basic information about grammar and punctuation of the English language.

Not just for English students, this app will provide help across all subject areas and give students a boost to their grammatical skills.

Price: Absolutely free.

6.Exam Countdown - Richard Knights, iPhone/iPad

Couting down the days, hours and minutes until the next exam is high on the agenda of prospectus students. Being able to visualise the order of exams helps students effectly prioritise revision sessions for each subject and effectively prepare for their exams.

As the name suggests, this app is a countdown clock letting students input and know exaclty how long they have before their exam dates. It's simple, but effective and allows students to fully prepare for all upcoming examinations.

Price: Absolutely free.

7.Penultimate - Evernote, iPhone/iPad

Penultimate is one of the most popular handwriting apps on the market, developed by the team behind the prevalent organisational Evernote app. The app gives students the natural experience of writing on paper, with the added ability to take notes, keep sketches and share content through social media and E-Mail.

Penultimate is easy to use, and will quickly become one of the core productivity apps for students over the Easter revision period. Great for revision notes on the go, creating your own flash cards and keeping everything in one place.

Price: Absolutely free. Add 69p per upgrade.

8.Grammar Up - Eknath Kadam, iPhone/iPad

A fun way to brush up on spelling and grammar before the exams, Grammar Up is a multiple choice quiz system with over 1800 fun questions across 20 grammar categories. Grammar Up can help students improve their grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structuring over the Easter holidays for the end of year exams, whether it's Common Entrance, GCSE or A-Levels.

Price: £2.99 for the complete app.

9.Evernote - Evernote, iPhone/iPad

Evernote has been an overnight success since its inception in 2008. Evernote stores and edits the user's notes on their local machine, and can also have their notes automatically synchronized with a master copy held on Evernote's servers.

The popular organisational app can't do any wrong with its smooth, easy-to-use interface and free storage. Its capability to work on all platforms and devices makes it simple to create, manage and record revision notes in a natural way, which makes it a must-have app for students of all ages.

Price: Absolutely free. £3.99 - £34.99 for app upgrade.

10.Dropbox - Dropbox, iPhone/iPad

Dropbox is the ultimate storage application as it enables users to bring all photos, documents, videos and multimedia anywhere and everywhere. The app allows students to access any file saved to Dropbox from all computers, iPhones, iPads and the Dropbox website.

Ideal for revision sessions over the Easter holidays, Dropbox lets students to bring their revision wherever they go. It's a solution to going abroad during crucial revision periods, with up to 2GB of free space on signup. Additional storage space can be purchased.

Price: Absolutely free. £69.99 for extended version.

There are of course hundred of Apps out there, take the time to research them.



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