Firmly Back in the South

21/12/2012 12:40 GMT | Updated 19/02/2013 10:12 GMT

I am firmly back in the south now after my brief excursion further north, and my meeting with cyclone Claudia which turned out to be a little disappointing. Anyhow I was slightly worried about getting back to the south, although it was a difficult time, now I am here so mission accomplished. I have had a few mishaps on the way, nothing that is a major problem but they have still made my life difficult and uncomfortable.

It is bitterly cold down here now, and I have several layers on even when in my sleeping bag. I have a heater onboard but it burns diesel so whilst I am in power saving mode and conserving fuel, using the heater is a no go therefore it is like some sort of torture having all the capabilities of making heat but not being able to use it. It is not too bad with lots of layers on until I have to work hard and then I am dripping wet with sweat, like the sails it's hard to find the middle ground!

The road ahead is quite clear and I should be well past New Zealand by Christmas day. Then it's to Cape Horn and I hope and pray it is a quick, warm and painless crossing. Having been dismasted halfway across the Pacific before I know how dangerous and isolated this stretch of water is. The trick is to survive down here and get to Cape Horn in one piece, you never win the race in the Southern Ocean but it's all too easy to lose it down here!