20/12/2012 04:39 GMT | Updated 18/02/2013 05:12 GMT

The Whole World Turned On Its Side

I was in my bunk this morning when the pilot accidently gybed the boat in about 25 knots of wind. It was not an enjoyable moment in an instant having your whole world turn on its side. I felt the boat start to go and jumped out of my bunk to try and get to the helm to stop it but I only got as far as the companion way before she went and then she was on her side. It took me a while to get the boat upright again and then gybe back. I did a check around the boat and it seems that I got away with no serious damage. It is really rough out here. Very bumpy and really confused waves. I am trying not to go to fast at the moment as she starts to slam a bit.

The conditions are way too rough to attempt o use my last hydro - the risk is too high. It means my power is still all shut down as I try to conserve enough to be able to finish this race in case I am not able to use the working hydro. We are still looking at options to repair the broken one. But again, conditions at the moment mean that is currently on hold.

This means both my phone and computer are off for most of the day so my contact with my family and my friends and team is still really limited. It makes it a lot tougher, but it's all part of the race. I am however still on Twitter whenever my computer is switched on to still keep that contact with everyone following me as much as I can which really helps.