20/04/2016 08:28 BST | Updated 21/04/2017 06:12 BST

If You're Looking at Chrissy Teigen's Boobs in This Photo, You're Completely Missing the Point

Chrissy Teigen went through years of fertility struggles to conceive her first child.

She broke down in tears speaking to Tyra Banks in September 2015, admitting she would have had kids six years ago if she was able to.

One month later, Teigen excitedly announced she was pregnant with her first child after going through IVF.

This week, she beamed with pride announcing the birth of her daughter, Luna and now she's shared the first photo of her newborn baby.

But instead of being happy for her, congratulating her and sending their well-wishes, some people have decided to comment on the first photo she's shared of herself and her daughter as being "self promotion".

Basically all people can talk about is her boobs.

In some now-deleted comments on Instagram and a flurry of anger in the comments section on Daily Mail, people are saying she posted the photo to "make herself more relevant".

"This is just shameless self promotion," one person wrote. "Nothing to do with that lovely baby (who deserves better)."

Other comments included: "Is this picture about her new baby or her cleavage and getting herself noticed?" and "A pure, innocent baby girl and a woman obsessed with showing off her 'assets'."

How deluded can these people be?

Firstly, for those who seem to have no knowledge of a woman's body after birth, funnily enough your boobs change. They get bigger.

But a) Teigen should hardly have to justify herself for her boobs and some cleavage on show and b) it's her body and her choice.

Secondly, and more importantly, this woman has waited nearly seven years for this moment. Seven years to become a mother and seven years to finally be able to hold her daughter.

I can only imagine it's one of the happiest days of her life. Yet people - perhaps through jealousy or boredom - want to viciously rain on her parade.

My guess is that none of those people who have carelessly posted rude and insensitive comments about her boobs have ever experienced fertility struggles. They don't know what it's like to wait years and years to be a mum because if they did, they wouldn't look at that picture above and immediately be drawn to Teigen's boobs rather than the beauty of a baby she's holding in her lap.

They would look at that photo and think it's wonderful how a woman who has waited so long to have a child has finally had her dream come true. Because to me, that's pretty special.

The reality is, mums do share these moments online. Not just Teigen but the majority of celebrity mums and even those not in the media tend to use social media to capture and post poignant moments in their lives.

And why shouldn't they?

Teigen has documented her pregnancy bump, pregnancy cravings and changing body on Twitter and Instagram in an honest and relatable way, so why should she stop now?

Brenda McLackland, a perinatal clinical psychologist has previously said there's something about becoming a mum that makes you feel "proud and privileged".

She said in today's society, mums will naturally share these moments on social media to not only feel connected, but because it's a big moment in their life.

So no, Teigen isn't using her newborn daughter as a "prop" to show off her boobs and she hasn't posted a photo of her daughter to "make herself more relevant".

She's just a proud mum, totally in love.