23/06/2016 09:29 BST | Updated 23/06/2017 06:12 BST

Three Secrets for Long Term Weight Loss

How many times have you tried and failed to lose weight?

How many times have you decided; OK, I'm ready. I'm gonna go gung-ho this time. I'm going to lose all this weight and finally be happy with my body?

You've done this a lot, haven't you?

Listen, I totally understand how you feel. I've been there too.

Did you ever stop and think though? Did you ever stop and ask yourself, hold on, why does this keep happening to me? What am I doing wrong?

Why do I have to feel self-conscious walking down the street?

Why do I have to cover myself up?

Why me?

Let me tell you the #1 things I've found to hold my clients back.

Ready? Me too!

Your mind is the only thing standing in your way. Yep, your own mind. Yeah, but wait a minutes Andrew, I already made the decision to lose weight and get in shape.

Did you really though? Did you really make the right commitment to yourself and to your body?

You see, a one degree shift in your mindset will have a profound impact on your life. In fact, a one degree shift will literally transform your body and your life.

How do we make that happen? Easy, keep reading.

You need to do three simple things.

1. Identify your why

Listen, wanting to lose weight isn't enough. It just isn't. You need to identify the reason behind wanting to lose weight. Here's an example; are you self-conscious walking down the street? Are you unhappy going to formal events? Is there something missing from your life because of your weight? Visualise it.

I got this from Tony Robbins; a vision that really works is one that really excites you. It needs to be able to PULL YOU toward it. Are you really ready to do this for yourself?

2. Commit to Yourself

I got this from a mentor of mine. Ready?

At the beginning you're motivated and you're ready to change. You know the feeling right?

After a while though that motivation is going to wane, what happens then? That's when determination to achieve your 'why' sets in because you really have both.

Dig deep, visualise the emotion of what you're missing out on because of your shape. Use that as your determination to push forward with your goals.

Don't just talk about how you want to lose weight and feel great. SHOW ME!

3. Eliminate Negativity

What goes on in your head is ESSENTIAL to success in all walks of life.

Let me ask you this; what do you think is going to happen in your mind if you get bombarded with negativity and other people's problems day in and day out?

I'll tell you what will happen. You'll get sucked into that realm of misery. You'll be pulled down to their level. You'll lose your motivation and you'll lose your determination soon after. Why?

Because you are a product of your own environment. If your environment is negative or holding you back, what do you think is going to happen to you when you try to lose weight again?

OK, what do I need to do Andrew?

Easy. Dig deep and identify why you're doing this in the first place.

Remind yourself each and every day that you CAN do this.

Eliminate anyone who holds you back and surround yourself with people that support your goals, not those that are jealous of your progress and decide to hold you back because they can't take control of their own problems.

Committed to You

Andrew Beatty.