Give Bojo a Second Shot - Wimbledon Season Is an Opportunity for Boris Johnson to Play Tennis and Have Another Revelation

Give Bojo a Second Shot - Wimbledon Season Is an Opportunity for Boris Johnson to Play Tennis and Have Another Revelation

According to his sister Rachel Johnson and her article in the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson decided about his stand on Brexit over a tennis game. Rachel drove to see her brother on the 20th of February. It was a day before he gave his statement to the media saying that he will vote to leave the EU in the coming referendum. Miss Johnson claims that the revelation about his stand on Brexit had occurred during the game of tennis they had that afternoon.

One would assume that it was a rather opportunistic decision as opposed to an actual decision based on belief but the good news is that according to George W Bush 'America is the land of the second chance - and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life.' Well, if the US can subscribe to such a philosophy then why can't the UK?

I'm very fond of Mr Bush's reflection and would argue that not only in America but anywhere in the world in most disciplines of life you get a second shot chance. Take food, even if you went wrong with a starter, you still have the main course to settle matters (and the dessert - that must be the third chance!). Or religion - the worlds leading orthodoxies offer up another opportunity if you waste your life, through the possibilities of reincarnation and heaven etc.

As we can see from the above it gets even better the second time round, therefore, why not open the metaphorical prison gates for Boris Johnson, and let him have another shot? Seeing as the political turmoil coincides with the Wimbledon season perhaps he could take advantage of that and travel back to the moment when he got the whole avalanche started and indulge in another game of tennis.

When it comes to choosing his tennis partner, I dare suggest that it would be only fair that this time he plays with a writer from a publication polar in opinion to the Daily Mail, so as to help foster the right environment for more moderate political decision making. As I'm very pleased and excited to have found out that the most important political decisions can be made while practicing my favourite sport, I would be very pleased to invite Mr Boris Johnson to a casual game of tennis.

Although it might seem too late to unscrew the whole crisis caused by the Brexit referendum, at the present situation, Mr Johnson doesn't have anything to loose and he might be ready for some drastic moves that will only emphasise his eccentric branding. Further to this, looking at the demand of the general public, the likelihood of a new poll is very high (even Rich Richard Branson is having coffee with Mother Theresa May about it). It is a perfect opportunity for Boris to go back on his words and re-campaign. There is still a chance for him to gain the legacy he desires by campaigning for the situation where everybody in the country, including himself, will be all smiles.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing a clip of Mr Johnson playing against David Cameron at the International Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square on YouTube and I would dare to presume that he looks like a considerate but entertaining tennis partner.


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