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Discover The 50 Top Secrets of High Achievers

Have you ever wondered what separates the high achievers from the mediocre?

Let me tell you they are regular people who have flaws and shortcomings and experience bad days.

However they don't allow their defects to hold them back

They know being technically good at their job isn't enough these days and they can either follow the crowd or stand out.

High achievers chose to stand...

Here's 50 secrets how............

1. Valuing their time - They are ruthless when scheduling priorities by differentiating between important and urgent.

2. Fire their committee - Not allowing the committee to feed them lies, destroy their confidence and cause havoc and instead feeding themselves positive statements.

3. Not comparing and despairing-

4. Accepting they are perfectly imperfect - They know perfectionism is an illusion and strive for excellence instead.

5. Self - Educate - Constantly learning.

6. Play it Forward - They are not self -centred and love to help others by sharing connections or knowledge.

7. Design their own life - They take action daily.

8. Say No with confidence and ease - They don't feel the need to justify and explain as they understand 'no' is a complete sentence.

9. Authenticity - They are confident enough to be themselves, rather than rehearse to be someone else.

10. Do not quit - They understand they need patience and perseverance.

11. Go that extra mile - They don't sell themselves short.

12. Formulate plans - They set manageable and specific goals.

13. Overcome obstacles - They see challenges as a learning curve.

14. Make their haters their motivators - They don't allow people who are envious to crush their dreams.

15. Are fully self -supporting - They are aware they are responsible for themselves.

16. Trust their intuition

17. Have self - respect

18. Know the difference between arrogance and confidence - They possess humility, which arrogant people don't even know exists

19. Don't need to be right - They know that displays a lack of confidence.

20. Don't point the finger of blame at others

21. Say what they mean and mean what they say

22. Have self- approval - They know the more they look for approval, the less they get, the less they look for approval, the more they get.

23. Understand every rejection is God's protection

24. Work smart, not hard - They understand being busy is not always being productive.

25. Respect others - They treat people how they like to be treated.

26. Press the pause button - They know stress leads to ineffectiveness and that it is crucial to stop regularly to relax, replenish and recharge.

27. Exude passion - They are positive, enthusiastic and cheerful which attracts people to them like a magnet.

28. Effective listeners - They listen to learn and learn to listen

29. Determined, dedicated and principled

30. Transform their life with discipline -They often postpone or eliminate any activities that will get in the way of their goal.

31. Master assertiveness - Ask for what they want and need in a non -aggressive way

32. Set boundaries - They understand that fences make good neighbours

33. Dare to live their dreams

34. Have the courage to change

35. Cultivate their own self - worth - Don't allow anyone to talk down to them or over them

36. Kind to their mind - They never berate themselves.

37. Do not appease themselves, they revere themselves

38. Observe themselves without judgment

39. Create an impact - They listen, engage, emphasise and show interest in other people.

40. Self - Awareness - They keep the halogen light on their behaviour at all times

41. Advertise their strengths - They don't go around telling others what they can't do.

42. Are open minded and flexible - They don't knock things they have never tried as they know this is contempt prior to investigation.

43. They take care of their most valuable asset - Themselves

44. Have visions, dreams and goals - They are clear about where they are heading

45. Create their own opportunities - They don't wait for things to come to them, they make things happen

46. Give compliments and champion others to succeed

47. Don't ever say 'yeah but' - They know excuses are for those who are lazy and incompetent and want to be taken care of by others.

48. Prepare, plan and practise - They like to put their heart and soul into everything and excel at what they do

49. Understand the potency of clarity - They know they can't get what they want if they don't know what they want.

50. They take risks - They know risk is a necessary element in their self- development and fear is often an excuse to not take a risk.

High achievers have setbacks but they try new approaches and bear in mind what others think of them is not their business. They do not defend their choices, nor try to convince others that they know best.

Are you ready to get out and make it happen? It's your time to shine.