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Aimee Challenor

Equalities Spokesperson, Green Party

Aimee Challenor is an openly transgender woman from Coventry. She's the Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales, the Co-Convener of the Global Greens LGBT+ Network, and a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group.

In A Time Of Two-Party Politics, Are The Greens Still Relevant?

The Greens are still relevant and are a worthy progressive force in British politics, we're holding people and parties to account whether it's by calling out the government for bringing the NHS to its knees or fighting an extreme Brexit., we're supporting our allies in other parties when we agree, and we'll always stand up for what matters and fight for an inclusive, tolerant society with a positive vision for a sustainable future.
19/06/2017 17:06 BST

I Came Out Young - Trans Youth Need Support, Not Flagrant Attacks

Trans people, including trans young people, don't want to face abuse, we don't want to have our identities questioned on national media, so why on earth do people still believe we "choose" to be trans? Why would anyone choose to go through all this? What we need is support. We need allies, we need our human rights to be respected.
13/01/2017 12:19 GMT

Trans Community Comes Togeher To Say We #StandWithMermaids

Mermaids is a highly valued charity that offers specialist advice and support to trans people and their families and we hope it will continue to be able to perform this vital role. No parent wants to make the difficulties of growing up any harder for their child and sadly society does not yet fully respect the rights of trans people.
31/10/2016 12:34 GMT

Green Leadership Election: Whose Likely to Lead Us Well?

The campaigning period for the Green Party of England and Wales internal elections is now upon us. The campaign period will be running throughout July, with the vote being conducted between the 25th of July, and the 25th of August. So that the results may be announced at the Green Party's Autumn Conference in Birmingham on the 2nd of September.
06/07/2016 11:03 BST

US Progresses on Trans Rights While the UK Falls Behind

I hope that Nicky Morgan will publish the Government's response soon, Transphobia is not inevitable, nor is it unbeatable, we need our legal rights. We need to continue working with trans activists and allies to continue the fight for real equality.
11/05/2016 10:57 BST

Toilets to Politics - Why Trans Inclusion Matters

We live in an amazingly diverse society, surely our politics should reflect that? Luckily more and more people are agreeing - but there's still some small changes we need to make to get there.
15/04/2016 17:44 BST