Alex Ritson

Global nomad, nutrition researcher, writer, weightlifter and foodie

Hey, I'm Alex Ritson. I'm a researcher in the field of Nutrition. I bring the unashamedly geeky angle to the online nutrition and training coaching company Lean Body Performance as the nutritionist and co-founder.

I’ve gained certification with the International Society of Sport Nutrition, been a published author of nutritional research in internationally reputed publications, and am nearing the completion of a Master’s degree in Applied Sports Nutrition with a keen focus to continue on towards a PhD.

My international upbringing and continued extensive travel across Asia, Europe, US and the UK has given me invaluable experiences and appreciation of many different cultures, while also helping to shape my thought processes along the way. I passionately believe that distilling heavy, research-based nutritional science papers that most people struggle to understand, into pragmatic, real world strategies are the key to making this essential knowledge accessible to all.
Slow Basal Metabolism And Fat Loss - What's The

Slow Basal Metabolism And Fat Loss - What's The Skinny?

To sustain the status of your body composition, the number of calories ingested must be equal to those expended. This is an irrefutable truism in nutritional science. Your metabolic rate relates directly to how you expend calories, and this comprises three key drivers:
06/12/2016 14:16 GMT