Amanda Prowse

Author, Traveller, Motivational Speaker.

In 2012, Amanda Prowse made headlines with her highly acclaimed debut novel, Poppy Day, it rapidly became a bestseller. Amanda has continued to write heart felt novels about ordinary women in extraordinary situations, offering social commentary on family life. Her books now sell in their millions worldwide. She has now published seventeen best selling novels and six novellas.

Known as the UK's Jodi Picoult, she is a regular contributor to national radio and can be seen popping up on our TV screens on panel shows, discussion groups and to offer her witty take on the news of the day!

"You will fall in love with her books!" Cosmopolitan
"The Queen of Domestic Drama!" The Daily Mail

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My Boy

I didn't expect to feel like this. I thought I would be celebrating his wonderful achievement - but I don't feel like celebrating. I feel like crying and so I have. A lot. I've cried at the sight of his very own toaster nestling in its box.
15/09/2015 11:21 BST

The Cleverest Kids in the World

Urgh - so it was exam results day yesterday and no doubt some proud parents were sighing with relief as their offspring brandished the piece of paper showing a clutch of A*, but not me.
18/08/2014 12:55 BST

Stepping Up

Our boys have grown up secure in the knowledge that whilst there was enough love to go around, the special bond they shared with their birth parent would remain intact. But do we treat them differently, NO!
28/02/2014 12:44 GMT

A Quiet Word...

here was evidently some form of disconnect between my son's verbal acuity and his ability to write things down. His math's skills soared and he remained bright and questioning with a fascination for the world around him, but reading and writing were still huge hurdles.
27/02/2014 11:55 GMT

The Smug Parent Club - And Why I Can't Join

Last year, I think my favourite mother-wanting-to-share-news was to be found in Curry's, I wandered the aisle looking for batteries and spied the lady, hovering, patiently by the wide screen TV's. She caught my eye we exchanged smiles and bang! She practically shouted at me, whilst pointing at the screen, 'Oh BBC!' I gave a small nod. She wasn't done.
03/07/2013 12:36 BST

The Parental Guilt Trip

I think it should come with your Bounty Pack - a certificate of remorse, just you know that you are a fully paid up member of the 'I feel soooo guilty club.' No one told me that growing a human would give me automatic membership, but it did.
01/07/2013 13:31 BST

Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Pokémon: A Parental Tale of Teenagers

My boys are sixteen, but I still think they are four. Last Friday morning, they were discussing cricket scores and 'A' level options and I kid you not, by 2AM the following morning, they had discovered sex and booze and rock 'n' roll, or whatever the equivalent of rock 'n' roll is nowadays.
27/06/2013 12:31 BST

Gas and Air

Mid way through my pregnancy, I sat opposite my midwife, the first and only time I saw her, and whilst nibbling my organic carrot sticks and sipping herbal tea, stated that under no circumstances did I want drugs or intervention, I wanted my birth to be as 'natural' as possible. She had smirked a little and nodded through her stifled giggle.
25/06/2013 10:04 BST

The Hairy Truth

Once you start on this path of zero hair tolerance, you have in fact waged war on your follicles and in military terms, they are closely aligned to the Spartans. Now in my late forties... put it this way, if I don't wield the tweezers daily, epilate weekly and wax monthly, I look like Hagrid in lipstick. It's a battle I am losing.
24/06/2013 11:06 BST

The Mummy Factor

I sometimes feel like I am in a competition that no one told me I was entering. No one told me, being a mummy was like starting a race, but I'm here to tell you my friends, it is. As soon as that little windows blinks positive - you are on the starting blocks!
20/06/2013 13:18 BST

Computer Says NO!

In my own youth; we called everyone in our street, 'aunty or uncle' and could nip into any number of houses in close proximity when we were locked out. It was all about human interaction. And it was lovely. Only last week, when grocery shopping, I found a potato that looked like a womble, I turned to the lady next to me and said, 'look! Madame Cholet!' she ran away.
20/06/2013 12:17 BST

Nigella, You Are Not Alone ...

The government change in the definition of domestic violence, highlights the fact that abuse does not have to mean a punch or a kick, it can be a word or a measure of control - just as any victim will tell you, fear comes in all shapes and sizes.
18/06/2013 15:26 BST

Woolwich Reflection From An Army Wife

As an army wife, I think of Lee's death in the way that I think of all 444 service personnel that have died on operations in Afghanistan, with a heavy heart and a nagging thought that it was a tragic waste of a young and promising life.
12/06/2013 10:29 BST

A nation of *!&^%£!!*(&^!!

Maybe it's with rose tinted glasses that I remember my youth, but swearing was a big deal! My world is different. Daily, I am faced with naked aggression and swearing of pulse raising proportions.
10/06/2013 13:31 BST