Anne Look

New Year's Resolutions

So in the spirit of the new year and making it to February with my resolution, here are a few life hacks (not resolutions) that could possibly help you maintain or change the environment you need to achieve your resolution/s.
01/02/2017 14:46 GMT

Extraordinarily Ordinary Social Satire

Never has a generation held so many useless, unused degrees and yet felt so entitled to having it all. Unfortunately selfishness just might be our legacy. Our tombstones would read "A bunch of educated fools.", if anyone were around to see them.
17/01/2017 16:41 GMT

I Want To Punch Your Inspirational Quote In The Face

Are we losing the subtle intricacies that come from a look or slight movement? Are we losing our attention to detail, our ability to focus or our imaginations that used to be forced to build colour, people and stories amongst the pages of brilliant writers.
09/01/2017 16:07 GMT

The Art and Times of 'No'.

What should be a yes now should have been a no a few months ago, and so on. The balance and timing of our yes and no's are crucial. Ever more so the older we get and our *bs* radars become our most vital skill for the navigation of life.
12/05/2015 14:27 BST

Reflections on a Year Past

There is a kind of loneliness here. Australia forces a sensory of self that holds no prisoners. It's a strange juxtaposition, resting somewhere between a launching pad for the fearless and a refuge for the fearful. You're exposed in your remoteness, yet somehow comforted by the thought of it.
05/03/2015 11:57 GMT

The High Rise of Creative Content

Right now, brands are devoting significant resources to growing their social fan and follower counts, which are little more than vanity metrics. Social media is merely a referral tool, directing target audiences towards valuable content that you, as a publisher, have determined they need and most importantly, want.
26/11/2014 10:56 GMT

Betty Noire Hosts Maddest Mad Hatter Tea Party of All Time

Susan has a way of speaking poetically, everything is to be understood and appreciated. So it's with little wonder her many years of life in fashion PR, has, amongst many other things, amounted to a comprehensive list of colleagues just like myself who are on call to personally vouch for her character, and natural ability.
03/06/2014 09:37 BST

What I Wore Today: The Demise of the Fashion Blog

The golden era of fashion blogging IS over. And only some of us will really know what that means. Back when blogging was in its earliest conception in 2002, the first waves of fashion bloggers (myself included) really only established a following or got invited to events from around 2007. It became more serious from then on, until its major decline.
26/05/2014 21:21 BST

Why Anna Wintour Put Kimye on the Cover of Vogue

My initial reaction was sadness. Here was a publication I looked up to for so long appearing to follow popular culture instead of creating it. Vogue's traditional model of using a class structure to lure an aspiring working class to 'be better' has surely now been somewhat diminished.
08/04/2014 13:56 BST

London Wine Bars - Where Do You Go?

It's lazy to assume that the 7,000+ (and counting) bars on offer to the inhabitants of Greater London all stock wine as amazing as some of the design aesthetics that adorn and hang from their every wall, ceiling and toilet. Sadly, many wines don't match their incredible interiors.
03/10/2013 14:17 BST

New York Fashion Week SS14

If it all seems like the excitement of the New York fashion and street scene has lost its way, look again. The best collections so far have been clever in construction yet as above, fall away from the body to form a weightlessness that's fresh, real, and modern.
13/09/2013 12:39 BST

Gangnam Styling Through the 19th EMA MTV Awards

I Gangnam styled my way through the day and made it to meet all back at the hotel for 17.16. Outfit styled, hats' secured and makeup checked; my German efficiency was in full swing.
15/11/2012 10:46 GMT

The Windows 8 OS Smartphone UK Launch

While news can move fast within the London fashion scene, it appears it moves even faster between the touch screens of the techies (maybe even faster than Azzedine Alaïa arrives on the set of Gossip Girl).
30/10/2012 16:32 GMT

That Hula Hoop Bag - Who DID Karl Have In Mind?

The enormous handbag was unveiled at the SS2013 Paris catwalk show; carried along by a six feet tall leggy stick figured creature, slash, model. She was wearing a swimming costume, which for the record, is the natural choice of attire for a giant bag resting on two hula hoops.
05/10/2012 11:29 BST

A Unique Streak With Designer Sophia Grace

Sophia designs completely as she sees fit; and for women such as ourselves - inspiring, busy, interested in (yet unaffected by), trends. Gone are the days of anyone's approval - and this is key.
15/06/2012 16:51 BST

The Editor for the Editeur - Cutting a Dash in Chester

I was in the country. Well, what this city girl classifies as country anyway. If you pass cows and sheep on the way to somewhere outside of London; you're a few English Breakfast teas away from becoming an honorary Brit.
17/05/2012 17:32 BST