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Chris Wright

Music, media and sports entrepreneur, author, commentator and campaigner.

Chris Wright CBE is a music, media and sports entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Chrysalis Music Group. Over the course of his career, he launched the careers of artists including Blondie, Spandau Ballet and Ultravox, established Heart Radio in London, and produced the popular TV show Midsomer Murders. A lifelong lover of sport, Chris previously owned Queens Park Rangers Football Club and Wasps Rugby Club, and breeds and owns champion racehorses. He authored his debut book, ‘One Way or Another – My Life in Music, Sport and Entertainment’ in 2014, and last year he rejoined Chrysalis Music Group as its Chairman. Chris regularly appears in the media as a political commentator, and hosts ‘Article 50 with Chris Wright’, a podcast which explores the impact of Brexit on some of Britain’s most important industries and policy areas.

Theresa May's Brexit Speech Still Leaves A Lot To Chance

The dust has begun to settle on Theresa May's highly anticipated Brexit speech. If you read the newspapers, you'd think the UK and Theresa May are riding high, and that May's words were pitch perfect. But is that really the case? Are we really any closer to knowing what Brexit looks like, reaching a deal that will provide answers to the difficult questions many of our businesses are facing - or giving the thousands of talented people from Europe living in the UK answers about their future, and vice versa?
24/01/2017 12:44 GMT

You Can't Stop Disruption - But You Can Learn From It

All big technology changes create new opportunities, and create new doors that you never knew existed. You just have to accept that and be open to it. Change, no matter how unsettling, can be turned round to your advantage and can be used to create new businesses that employ new workers, giving them hope for the future.
16/11/2016 17:35 GMT

Heathrow Is A Symptom Of A Much Bigger Problem

Last month we finally got the answer we'd all been waiting for: it's Heathrow and not Gatwick. But before we all move on to the next big story, it's worth taking a second look, not at the location, but at the historic timeline. And what this says about successive British governments' ability to make decisions...
11/11/2016 12:40 GMT