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Claudia Tomlinson

Writer, campaigner

I write about social justice, politics and campaigning issues in communities.

Can Chess Lift Children's Lives?

But let's be honest here, the coolest in the school playground have never viewed chess success as anything other than compensation for not being cool. You either get to be cool, or to be a chess champion, the two can never be compatible. Or so the thinking goes.
26/08/2016 11:36 BST

Seven Survival Steps for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) NHS Staff - Step 2

This series of articles will appear weekly and present my recommended <strong>Seven Survival Steps</strong> for black and ethnic minority staff working in the NHS, but may be a useful read to anyone with an interest in the NHS. The articles are excerpts from a forthcoming handbook, and provide highlights.
13/08/2015 10:57 BST

Seven Survival Steps for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) NHS Staff

If you are from a black and minority ethnic (BME) background, and work in the NHS in the UK, you will already know that survival can be the name of the game. As well as doing the day job, whether you are a consultant, a hospital porter, a chief executive, a nurse or an administrator there are factors you are far more likely to have to negotiate than your white colleagues.
06/08/2015 00:18 BST

African Initiatives Annual International Women's Rights Conference 2014

International Women's Day is observed on 8th March every year, to celebrate the achievements of women; to inspire women to achieve, and to mobilise action for injustices against women. An upcoming rights conference is to be held in Bristol, to mark this event, and highlight the work of key campaigners and champions of women's global empowerment...
25/02/2014 11:04 GMT

Khalsa Aid's Humanitarian Relief in Somerset Shows a Glimpse of a Future Post-Racial Britain

Whilst the British Government has been immobilised by indecision, and confusion about its strategic response to the winter floods, Somerset has been left to drown. Large parts of the UK have been submerged under flood waters for months. No. 10 has failed to act as people in the region watch helplessly as their homes, businesses, cattle and crop become subsumed by contaminated water.
11/02/2014 11:25 GMT

Improved Aspirations of Black Pupils Should Be Commended Not Condemned

The increased aspirations of black pupils are to be applauded as higher education is more likely to lead to successful careers and higher income. Well educated citizens with improved employment prospects, irrespective of ethnic background are highly desirable for the economic development and social stability of any nation.
24/07/2013 11:51 BST