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Danielle Dash


Danielle DASH is the 27 year-old writer, director and producer of the multi-award winning web based drama series “Dear Jesus” and its spin-off “The Alexis Show.” Produced by her production company WONDERLONDON FILMS “Dear Jesus” ran for 4 seasons while “The Alexis Show” ran for two. Having won Best Short Feature at the Jamaica International Film Festival in 2013, after 42 episodes, “Dear Jesus” won Favourite Web Series at the Screen Nation Digital Awards in December 2015. The end of the hit shows was announced shortly thereafter. Currently working in comedy and drama TV development, Danielle will be the UK’s Shonda Rhimes. In the meantime she writes about race, gender and popular culture on her blog
Stormzy And The Individuality Of Black

Stormzy And The Individuality Of Black Identity

The monolithic representation of black men in the media as criminals creates a hysterical fear among white people when witnessing black men in even the most benign of situations and is in part responsible for Stormzy's house being raided in February this year by police because of reports he was a burglar.
11/07/2017 12:11 BST
Gifty And The Faux Fear of Black

Gifty And The Faux Fear of Black Women

The Angry Black Woman is a stereotype and a trope often used to depict black women, it exists alongside The Strong Black Woman or The Sassy Black Woman as boxes black women are placed in to stop us from being seen as full human beings.
01/11/2016 14:52 GMT