Dean Midas Maynard

Reality TV Reviewer and Talent Agent

Dean 'Midas' Maynard is a top Reality TV pundit and talent agent. He has a wealth of experience reviewing, supporting and commenting on celebrity personalities.

Dean is regularly in demand for television, radio, press and online media and he reviews the big Reality TV shows like Britain's Got Talent, The Voice & The X-Factor.

Dean has a good eye for spotting upcoming musical talent, it has earned him the nicknames of the ‘New Simon Cowell’ & ‘Reality TV’s fifth judge’.

His prediction successes include One Direction, Leona Lewis & Cher Lloyd,. He also championed and promoted 2014, 2015 & 2016 X Factor winners Ben Haenow, Louisa Johnson & Matt Terry.

He then went on to do the same for 2015 & 2016 Voice winners Stevie McCrorie & Kevin Simm.

Dean’s knack for knowing what will break is highly respected in the industry.

Dean is also a well-respected talent scout and manager/agent to many artists and triple award-winning film producer.
The X Factor 2015 Bootcamp Show

The X Factor 2015 Bootcamp Show Two

Week one of Bootcamp had more drama than a month of Coronation Street. We witnessed drinking, tears, arguments an, of course, the occasional decent singer.
28/09/2015 16:13 BST
The X Factor 2015 Audition Show

The X Factor 2015 Audition Show Seven

Saturday night and we face the last of the X Factor auditions. Over the past few weeks it has been stressful, exciting and life changing, but enough about me. On a serious note, as I mentioned before, this years' talent has been amazing. Will anyone follow on from Leona Lewis, One Direction & Little Mix.....?
20/09/2015 20:49 BST
The X Factor 2015 Audition Show

The X Factor 2015 Audition Show Four

The very likeable Jasmin Leigh Harris got the show off to a great start. I love the tone in her voice. She did an amazing job of 'Clown' and blew the judges and me away. Five yeses. Well done Jasmin.
07/09/2015 14:36 BST
The X Factor 2015 Audition Show

The X Factor 2015 Audition Show Three

Last weekend's opening X Factor weekend was amazing. The bar was raised, very, very high and it is now up to the rest of the acts to jump over it.
07/09/2015 12:41 BST
The X Factor 2015

The X Factor 2015 Auditions

The X Factor 2015 journey is well and truly up and running and just like a bus, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Sunday show time.
31/08/2015 16:43 BST
The X Factor 2015 Audition Show

The X Factor 2015 Audition Show One

Up first is retired grandmother, Susan Pryce and although she seems like a nice person, her version of 2 Unlimited's No Limit made me reach for the volume button on my remote. The judges seemed to like it though and 'techno' notice of her bad singing. Susan got the first four yeses of the 2015 series.
31/08/2015 15:50 BST
The X Factor 2015... The Countdown

The X Factor 2015... The Countdown Begins

Sadly this year, we won't be welcoming back presenter 'Dancing' Dermot O'Leary, or our favourite booming voiceover man, Peter Dickson. Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford has said farewell and so too have judges Mel B & Louis Walsh. It's all change for 2015.
19/08/2015 16:14 BST
Britain's Got Talent 2015 Audition Show

Britain's Got Talent 2015 Audition Show Six

Calm down ladies, here come The Kingdom Tenors. The 12 piece group had the girls in the audience screaming as soon as they walked onto the stage. The harmonies and arrangement was breathtaking. Quite simply one of the best set of vocals ever.
18/05/2015 14:38 BST