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Navigating The Single Life For The First Time In Over A

Navigating The Single Life For The First Time In Over A Decade

It's all very different now that when I was last here. Not different good or different bad but distinctly different. Strange almost. Like I've missed the evolution and have been thrown into a whole new world having been sheltered to what has gone before. Sure I'd heard the rumours but I never thought they would concern. Yet here I am.
03/01/2017 17:21 GMT
The Girl

The Girl Movement

The female of the species has a bad rep when it comes to how we treat each other, but a movement where girls have secret groups online and organise meet ups is changing that perception.
09/08/2016 15:34 BST
Alternative Fitness Classes to Get You

Alternative Fitness Classes to Get You Moving

We're facing into nice long evenings and sunny days to come (well we can dream can't we) so it's as good as time as any to get out there and get moving. Squats, lunges, treadmill - boring! I always find it's easier to start a health kick in the summer, so I've checked out what's on offer if you are looking to get fit but are not a fan of the gym or pounding the pavements at 6am.
12/07/2016 16:05 BST
Why Don't You

Why Don't You Drink?

I don't know why I don't drink. I just have zero interest. It wasn't planned nor is it a health thing or anything along those lines. I don't really think about it that much so when people ask I feel I need to think of a simple answer to this one.
07/09/2015 16:40 BST
Leaving Was Never My

Leaving Was Never My Proud

Traveling is exciting but not when it's forced upon you. Slowly things began to change, in trickles at first and suddenly a large proportion of my peers had moved abroad, some to the UK others Canada, Australia and it seems everywhere in between.
04/09/2015 11:26 BST
Let's Dissect

Let's Dissect L-O-V-E!

What is love? What does it mean to be 'in love'? Is it different for different people? Well individuals by their nature are different so it follows that no two people's experiences are exactly the same, right?
16/04/2015 14:43 BST
Thinking About

Thinking About Thirty

As I turn thirty, to the world I am a qualified adult. The final curtain is closing on my 20's, a decade where I was fully for the first time immersed into the big bad world. Thirty may be just a number but it's a good time to take stock and reflect upon the last decade.
19/03/2015 12:46 GMT