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L'Esprit de

L'Esprit de L'Escalier

You might imagine that my ramblings all over the Cotswolds would be hassle free? You'd be very wrong. Just as in air travel, walking has its fair share of nuts eager to vent their anger on all and sundry.
27/04/2016 17:32 BST
Where Do We Go to

Where Do We Go to Now?

With the latest terrorist tragedy in Tunisia however, ordinary Brits are looking at their holiday itineraries and realising that totally "safe" destinations are becoming increasingly scarce. So I thought I might use my vast experience in these things to help out. I'll go through some options and have a look at a couple of places that you might be considering for your next break. I'll be like the Foreign Office but... better.
03/07/2015 17:32 BST

Travel No-Nos

I was once being shown around a museum in North Korea when another member of my party- a Finn who claimed to be a priest in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monsters (look it up) took off his shoe and started banging a large gong that was by the door. We barely escaped with our lives and were chased by an angry and murderous mob for a good mile out of town.
12/06/2015 17:14 BST


The news that Isis is possibly about to over-run Palmyra in Syria hit me especially hard. It feels strange to be so affected by the plight of a ruined town so far away, especially when you equate it to the hundreds of thousands of human victims of this murderous conflict but as Stalin so sensitively put it- "one death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic." Palmyra, on the other hand is a symbol- a symbol of a tolerant, multi-cultural Syria.
15/05/2015 16:41 BST
'Celebrity Big Brother' - An Unusually Depressing

'Celebrity Big Brother' - An Unusually Depressing Affair

The problem is that the original concept of "celeb" reality shows was to mix a set of different "celebs" together so that you could see what they were really like behind their public facades. In <em>Celebrity Big Brother</em> almost everyone is "famous" for being in their own reality shows... This means that we already know what they are like. That is the point of the shows they are already on. It's very confusing.
09/09/2014 17:33 BST
Why We Must Help Syrian

Why We Must Help Syrian Refugees

I'm just back from a couple of days in Jordan looking at the incredible work that Save the Children are doing with the Syrian refugees in the country. Jordan is a country of only six million people and, if current estimates are correct, there will be more than a million Syrians in the country by the end of this year.
22/03/2013 17:38 GMT
Memories of

Memories of Kim

The moment my plane landed my phone went crazy. Kim Jong Il had died while I was in the air and, as I visited North Korea for my book The Dark Tourist two years ago, I was being asked to comment.
19/12/2011 16:52 GMT

Velvet Vaclav

What other country would have a president at a tiny rock concert with no security whatsoever and the minimum fuss being made around him?
19/12/2011 12:26 GMT

Troll Wars

One of the downsides of being a "celebrity" Tweeter is the preponderance of people who seem to hang about in dingy bedrooms in their dirty underwear "trolling". A troll is somebody who sends abusive tweets, often to celebrities- some are simply negative comments on a career, others are far more abusive and personal. Accepted practice is "do not feed the trolls". The general feeling is that these low-lives need the attention and that by replying or interacting with them you are giving them what they want. I beg to differ.
29/07/2011 23:32 BST