Dom Ramsey

Founder of Chocablog, Fotonomy and Bean&Bar and Co-Founder of World Chocolate Guide

Dom Ramsey is a writer, web developer and chocolate expert from London.

Dom is founder of popular chocolate blog Chocablog, bean-to-bar site Bean&Bar and co-founder of World Chocolate Guide which attempts to map, visit and describe as many of the world's chocolate shops as possible.

Building a blog dedicated to chocolate sparked a passion for the subject and for food in general. Dom has judged at many chocolate awards and visited chocolate factories and cocoa plantations around the world in a never ending quest to learn and taste more.
Judging the Lithuanian Open Wine and Dessert Pairing

Judging the Lithuanian Open Wine and Dessert Pairing Championship

It's not often you get invited to judge a wine and dessert pairing championship, but when you do, it's difficult to say no. Obviously when I got just such an invitation recently, I jumped at the chance, particularly as the championship in question was in Lithuania - a part of the world I've never visited.
24/11/2014 12:46 GMT
Chocolate: Looking Behind the

Chocolate: Looking Behind the Label

It's currently National Chocolate Week in the UK. Of course, for some of us every week is a chocolate week, but this particular time of year is when British chocolate companies of all sizes come together to show their wares and promote the industry.
15/10/2014 16:36 BST
Merchant House,

Merchant House, London

I love a good cocktail. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at ordering them and nine times out of ten, what looks great on the menu turns out to be florescent pink and arrives topped with the entire contents of a can of spray cream. And glitter. Not exactly the sophisticated look I would like to project, but one I can't seem to escape.
17/09/2014 12:01 BST