Dougal Sharp

Founder and Master Brewer of Innis & Gunn

Back in 2002 I discovered the incredible flavours that oak can impart to beer, and that lead to the formation of Innis & Gunn. Since then we have been brewing awesome beers and searching for ways to push flavour boundaries and taste experiences even further, to uncover new techniques to make even more incredible tasting beer.

We are pioneers of modern craft brewing, using science, engineering and imagination to create new techniques to craft ever more delicious, multi-flavour-layered beers. Our beers, the way we make them and their flavours, are unique to us.

We are fanatical about brewing because we believe that incredible flavour is the most important thing that we make at Innis & Gunn. We want drinkers to love our beer, to find tastes, layers of flavour, textures and mouth-feels in them that they have never experienced before.

That's what gets us all out of bed in the morning.

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