Dr Bessam Farjo

Medical Director of the Institute of Trichologists, a leading hair transplant surgeon and founder of the Farjo Hair Institute

Dr Bessam Farjo is one of the UK’s leading hair loss experts and hair transplant surgeon. In 1993, Dr Bessam Farjo co-founded the Farjo Hair Institute with his wife, Dr Nilofer Farjo, exclusively practicing hair restoration surgery and medicine in Manchester and London.

Dr Bessam Farjo and Dr Nilofer Farjo carry out more than 300 operations each year at their Manchester clinic. More than 4,000 people have travelled from across the UK, Europe and as far as the Middle East, Australia and the United States to be treated at the Farjo Medical Centre.

The centre has an international reputation for not only using the latest hair transplantation techniques – recognised throughout the surgical field – but for also placing significant emphasis on developing pioneering ways to counter hair loss.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery recently presented Dr Bessam Farjo and Dr Nilofer Farjo with the Platinum Follicle Award. This award is the highest honour in the hair restoration profession and this was presented to the Farjos for their dedication to ultra-refined follicular unit hair transplantation, commitment to their patients and their dedication to science and research for innovating future hair loss treatments.

Not only is it the first time it has been awarded jointly, but it is also the first time a surgeon in the UK has achieved this accolade – and only the second time it has been awarded to a European hair transplant surgeon in over 20 years.

Dr Bessam Farjo is the Medical Director of the Institute of Trichologists and a Past President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. The Institute of Trichologists is the foremost professional association for trichologists in the world, the largest provider of trichology training in Europe, and the longest established body of its type (it was founded in 1902).
Not Feeling Full On Top? Now's The Time To Talk About

Not Feeling Full On Top? Now's The Time To Talk About It

We're well into the final month of summer - where did that go? - but did you know that August marks the return of National Hair Loss Awareness Month? The campaign devotes a whole 31 days to increasing the understanding of hair loss.
26/08/2016 14:16 BST
Hair Transplants - Vanity or

Hair Transplants - Vanity or Necessity?

Wayne Rooney. Gordon Ramsay. Louis Walsh. Three men with completely different roles in the limelight, but with one thing in common - they've all turned to surgery to restore their thinning hair. While the stars may have received their fair share of light-hearted ridicule for their procedures, both from the media and the general public, their hair transplants have now become part of who they are without damaging their careers or reputations.
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Time to Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Your

Time to Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Your Lashes

They say you should make a wish every time you shed an eyelash, but have you ever wondered exactly why you're losing your luscious lashes? If clumps of lashes are left on your face towel, it may be worth investigating the root of the problem.
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Tearing Your Hair

Tearing Your Hair Out

In technical terms, sensory nerve fibres, neurohormones and neutrophins all play a role in the hair growth cycle. Levels of stress can have an effect on these and consequently accelerate loss of hair.
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Tackling the Tufts of Plug

Tackling the Tufts of Plug Surgery

Plug grafts are an archaic form of hair transplantation that was popular in the 1980s. They left many patients with results which were not aesthetically pleasing and many people have turned to today's refined techniques in order to rectify the appearance of their scalps.
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When Surgery Gets a Little Bit

When Surgery Gets a Little Bit Hairy

For those who love to get to grips with the ins and outs of surgery in all its glory, Channel 5's 'Botched Up Bodies' is dream viewing. On a recent episode, I operated on a patient who had previously spent in excess of £7,000 on hair transplant surgeries - which sadly, yielded little result.
10/02/2014 15:37 GMT
Hair in High

Hair in High Demand

Hair transplant procedures are now the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men in the UK. Over 4,500 procedures were carried out in 2011, which was 13 per cent more than those performed in 2010, and the number continues to grow.
11/10/2013 12:20 BST
Boots' 'Miracle Cure' Won't Halt Hair

Boots' 'Miracle Cure' Won't Halt Hair Loss

Hair loss is usually genetic and, for most people, no amount of shampoos, creams or drugs will halt or reverse it. The only permanent solution is a hair transplant. I perform hundreds of these procedures a year and always see a restoration of hair.
01/08/2013 10:16 BST
Cosmetic Surgery Industry Is No Longer

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Is No Longer 'Nice'

Whilst the industry is all about aesthetics, it is still a science and needs to be treated as such. It's about time we cut out the use of non-definitive terms, such as telling a patient they will look 'better' or 'nicer'. We should consider the mental - as well as physical - health of our patients.
26/02/2013 13:50 GMT