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Chris Allen

Associate Professor in Hate Studies at the University of Leicester, Writer and Commentator

Chris is Associate Professor in Hate Studies at the Centre for Hate Studies, based in the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester. For almost two decades, he has been researching Islamophobia, counter-extremism and counter-terror, and wider issues relating to the ‘problematisation’ of Muslim communities. He's also engaged with issues around the role of religion and faith in contemporary political spaces, Britishness, multiculturalism, cohesion, integration and identity. He is widely published in the UK and elsewhere including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey among others. As well as scholarly publications and activities, he regularly writes comment pieces, commentaries and response pieces. He also gives public talks and appears in the broadcast media. He has also held a range of independent advisory roles and has contributed written and oral evidence to various government bodies and commissions over the past decade or so. As well as being an Associate Professor, he is a Senior Fellow in the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR); a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Royal Society of Arts and the US Department of State’s International Visiting Leadership Program; and an alumnus of the John Adams Society. He was born and grew up in Bermondsey, London where he became a lifelong supporter of Millwall FC. He also has a keen interest in horror movies.

Why Theresa May Is Wrong To Suggest That Islamophobia Is A Form Of Extremism

If Islamophobic hate crime is to be framed by counter-terror and counter-extremism narratives, why is this necessary? What makes Islamophobia exceptional and distinct from other discriminatory phenomena? How does Islamophobic hate crime differ from hate crimes motivated by race, disability or sexual orientation?
20/06/2017 09:14 BST

Being United Is The Best Defence Against All Who Seek to Divide Us

While Hopkins, Farage and Robinson are desperate for us not to be united, the reality is quite the opposite. All right-minded people are united in their condemnation for the hideous atrocities that took place on Wednesday afternoon. Similarly too, all right-minded people are united in stating that we won't allow extremists of any persuasion to destroy who we are and what we stand for.
24/03/2017 17:06 GMT

On Being A Working Class Academic: A Personal Reflection

Sadly though I'm not convinced that things will change in the foreseeable future but if we can get people thinking and talking about class once more, then maybe we can begin to shake up this deeply elitist society and really begin to address how it detrimentally impacts so many of our lives. Both inside and outside 'the academy'.
27/01/2017 11:49 GMT

Five Considerations When Refuting The Critics Of Islamophobia

Establishing a working definition will support the process of differentiating the appropriate from the inappropriate, the legitimate from the illegitimate, and the disproportionate from the proportionate which brings me on to the final consideration. However, quite irrespective of which - if indeed any - working definition is established, it is highly unlikely that it will be warmly received by those who seek to criticise, detract from, and ultimately deny Islamophobia's very existence.
25/01/2017 13:04 GMT

By Banning The Burkini, The French Are Blaming Muslims

At worst, the ban is another example of French institutional Islamophobia. At best, it would seem to be a smokescreen behind which the real reason Corsica is "sitting on a powder-keg" of tensions and violence. And that powder keg would seem to be rather more about Corsican nationalists than Muslims or those of North African origin.
16/08/2016 09:22 BST

Why Britain Isn't Belgium

I do believe in today's Britain more people are beginning to understand that those wanting to divide us are not only a tiny minority but more importantly, are not the same as the vast majority of British Muslims. If you want evidence of this, remind yourself of the uniquely British put down, 'you ain't no Muslim bruv'.
23/03/2016 09:27 GMT

The Rise of Europe's Far Right and the Anti-Islam Tide

Those in the far-right will be waiting in the wing not only to voice their opposition but also to fill the political void if the opportunity arises. In doing so, those far-right voices will continue to exploit the view that Europe is under siege from an invading Islamic other as it has been - in their minds at least - throughout history.
01/02/2016 17:24 GMT

Thinking Through Cameron's Five-Year Counter-Extremism Strategy

Despite Cameron's assertions otherwise, there is nothing in the new strategy to suggest that the new approach to tackling Islamist extremism will be any less heavy-handed or discriminate, further fuelling suspicion and mistrust, while making all Muslims without differentiation feel increasingly scrutinised and pressured.
22/07/2015 17:40 BST

7/7's Legacy on Multiculturalism and Muslims

The legacy left by these events has however been more far-reaching than might have been expected, having had something of a profound impact on how we live our everyday lives. From more security checks at airports and the increased monitoring of social media through to the new counter-terror measures requiring public sector workers to play a greater role in combating extremism, and schools being required to teach 'British values', 7/7's impact has been significant.
07/07/2015 09:18 BST