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Ellen Nguyen is a Vietnamese writer based in London. She's the founder of - an online publication dedicated to the unfiltered experiences of being human, especially of young adults, in modern society.

Why It's Totally Okay To Be Clingy In Relationships

'Clingy' has long been deemed as one of the most undesirable traits that could instantly turn off any level of interest. It's the bomb you drop on the first date if you want to send any dating prospect off to NOPEville. In a nutshell, no one, I repeat, no one wants to be seen as clingy.
05/10/2017 11:14 BST

Not All Kinds Of Love Need A Happy Ending

More often than not, it's the kind of love that's unplanned and unanticipated. If every time you meet someone new you throw a seed onto the ground, then loving this person is like not knowing that seed has landed on good soil.
12/05/2017 15:10 BST

Six Harmful Thinking Habits And How To Free Yourself From Them

We all have problems. However, many of those problems are actually caused by our own mind instead of what's going on in reality. It lies in the habit of our thinking. Especially for people with anxiety, the impact of bad thoughts can be very significant and might even become physical.
23/01/2017 13:19 GMT

Six Dating Red Flags To Take Seriously

In the era of Tinder and hook-up culture, it can be hard for any of you unicorns looking for love and serious relationships to navigate without getting your dreams and hopes shattered. Dating is no longer simply a way to find out whether two people are suitable for a relationship. No. It's a battlefield out there.
13/09/2016 15:42 BST

When Sex Is Worth Waiting For

You want 3am moments, yes, but with this particular person only. In fact, 3am or 3pm doesn't really matter because it's them and so, day and night will be equally good. You just honestly don't know why it must be them.
11/08/2015 09:28 BST

Being a Girl Is Hard

Being a girl is hard because my body and sexuality is somehow everyone's business. I'm judged for the clothes I wear, the people I'm with and every little choice I make about what to do with my own body.
26/06/2015 11:21 BST

What to Do When You Never Have the Closure You Need

It was scary and cruel. I felt unloved, unwanted, and the worst of all, abandoned. I couldn't get on with my life because I was never able to fathom how someone could do that to the person they once claimed to love or care about. And that was how I never had the closure I needed.
20/05/2015 17:34 BST

Seven Dating Lessons I Wish I'd Known Sooner

Life is a big experiment. People react to you differently when you carry yourself differently. You can't just keep doing one thing and expect the outcome to be different. You have to start to change from the small things, especially your mindset.
05/05/2015 12:32 BST

Female and Single: Yes, We're Fine.

This is us. The modern day independent women. We really don't care how people might judge us based on our dating history. That's their problem, not ours. We're not sorry for being single, for only having had short-term relationships. This is our life. This is our choice. This is what happens to us.
27/04/2015 11:57 BST

Why I'm Grateful for the Almost Relationship I Had

It was hard, very hard, but it's true that time heals. When we go through something like that, we think it's the end of the world. As time goes by and we reflect on our experience, we start to put things into perspective and realize important things, the things that truly matter. It was the same for me.
24/04/2015 15:49 BST