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Emily Robb

21 y/o Cambridge English student. Editor of feminist zine, Staunch.

Emily Robb is an English student at Cambridge. She set up and edits feminist zine, Staunch, and is an aspiring writer.

The Premature Heralding of a Feminist Hero.

For me, Theresa May becoming Prime Minister is no clear sign of a new epoch of feminist history. That a woman will be head of state is undeniably a marker of our society being a great deal more egalitarian than it once was, and the effect that this will have on the generation growing up currently fills me with hope and confidence.
13/07/2016 11:17 BST

In Defence of the F-Word

One morning last year, my year 13 form tutor told us she wasn't a feminist. Silence descended. Noticing the distinct lack of approving nods and the much more emphatic shiftiness and thumb-twiddling before her, our teacher hastily added "but <em>obviously</em> I believe in gender equality." She couldn't have paid us to keep quiet.
19/05/2016 10:58 BST

An Open Letter to the Editor of The Sun, David Dinsmore, Regarding Page 3

Dear Mr. Dinsmore, Am I being naïve to suppose that you will read this letter or that it will matter at all to you? Probably. Considering that 135,708 people have signed a petition asking you to do away with the daily degradation in your newspaper that is Page 3 and still you have not responded, I very much doubt that this one letter will make you change your mind. But I'm going to try.
26/02/2014 11:50 GMT